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Reshade preset  real colors Naturel V2-ACC

Reshade preset real colors Naturel V2-ACC 1.2

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hello, update of the tchenicolors and the hdr, I think that this version of the filter is the final of natural reshade, again thank you for downloading.
some photos on a clear day that I asked for the other dark and rainy photos have already been posted in the other versions.









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hello slight update of reshade 1.1 addition of the bloom for a slight increase in brightness which was reduced with the update of assetto competizione 1.8.1 try but you can leave version 1.0 if you wish. some have asked me my graphics settings in the game I added them to you in the folder. my graphics card is a 1660 gtx with a ryzen 5 3600x processors I use the FSR in high custom settings for those who have more powerful machines you can use my custom settings in epic.