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Reshade preset  real colors Naturel V2-ACC

Reshade preset real colors Naturel V2-ACC 1.2

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Je partage avec vous un reshade prédéfini du filtre naturel des couleurs réelles pour le reshade 4.9.1.
faire fonctionner les filtres
Téléchargez reshade 4.9.1, installez-le puis téléchargez mes préréglages et décompressez tous les fichiers du dossier et ouvrez les dossiers suivants steam-steamapps-common-assetto competizione -AC2-binaries-win64 et collez le tout ici.
Je vous poste aussi une vidéo pour installer reshade et presets suivre la video c'est tres simple.

vidéo installeur reshade pour ACC ici :


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Latest updates

  1. Reteinter les couleurs réelles prédéfinies Naturel V2-ACC

    hello, update of the tchenicolors and the hdr, I think that this version of the filter is the...
  2. Reteinter les couleurs réelles prédéfinies Naturel V2-ACC-bloom+my settings graphics in game

    hello slight update of reshade 1.1 addition of the bloom for a slight increase in brightness...

Latest reviews

very nice preset, acc looks more natural, less cartoon
hello and thank you for your comments it's nice because that's precisely what I'm trying to do on the presets is to erase this cartoon effect for this closer to a real color, the difficulty c is that everything not everyone has the same screen, but I'm glad you like it.
Very beauty, with my 3080 I won't complain about the loss of performance
hello, very happy for you that it is beautiful because I only have a small 1660 and it is very beautiful, I imagine with your 3080 it must be very immersive, it is true that we have a loss of FPS but that in worth the trouble as you said so well have not going to complain for if can of loss again thank you for your opinion
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