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Reset to Track for L-plate AI 1.0

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i am always irked by the retirement of healthy ai cars which are stuck in situations which my grandma also can get out in no time. Hope the new 2013 game will have more intelligent ai instead of some behaving like L-plate drivers.
For now, I have a mod which can reset to track healthy ai which are stuck for more than 20 secs. This will reduce the numbers of unnecessary retirement.
The reset is similar to "reset to track" for player. Others things like retirement and removal of unmovable cars, safety car activation and redflag will be as per normal.

Edit: Work in all modes and would not corrupt saved games.

If you still want to see retired cars, you can use this mod together with the mod by Phoenixsing Delay retirement of damaged cars after collision. I have included the relevant file based on his mod in the download for those who do not know how to make it. Phoenixsing has no objection for me to include the file. Please note that you need to change the max safety car to 1 in database file if you do not like to see multiple activations as mentioned by him. There may be other conflicts also.

Enjoy !
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