Fix repetitive ai going off-track 1.4

eliminate ai repetitive off-track incidents at some corners

  1. Winner
    To celebrate Liverpool win against Man City, I am sharing this mod which eliminates repetitive ai gone off-track incidents at some corners in circuits like monaco, sepang etc. Make backup and replace files accordingly.

    Basically, it invoIved reducing the following values in ai_vehicle_config.xml:

    <trackCurvatureBrakeLineFactor float="1.0" /> to <trackCurvatureBrakeLineFactor float="0.9" />
    <trackCurvatureCamberAngleMax float="0.5" /> to <trackCurvatureCamberAngleMax float="0.4" />

    The reduction in the values helps the ai vehicles stay on-track. In order not to make the ai too tame for non-problematic circuits by using lower values, I used ai_track.xml and ai_vehicle_track.xml from F1 2012 for monaco, sepang and suzuka as suggested by "ai driver". The respective files are included in the download.

    This setting worked fine for F1 2014 mod (wth basically no other mods), except may be some off-track for the 1st lap.

    If you have other mods, the ai may be too tame or still wild with these values. You can adjust the values accordingly. The lower the values, the higher chance of ai stay on-track. Using ai_track.xml and ai_vehicle_track.xml from F1 2012 may help also.

    <You will never race alone>
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Recent Reviews

  1. Seankochf1
    Version: 1.4

    Thanks so much
    Now I can actually have a Monaco Grand Prix
  2. Richárd Gonda
    Richárd Gonda
    Version: 1.4
    LOL Chilton Bianchi 2nd and 3rd. I'm first Hamilton 8th.
  3. Hawaiian Guy
    Hawaiian Guy
    Version: 1
    thank you
  4. f.1.
    Version: 1
    Awesome! and of course YNWA
  5. ai driver
    ai driver
    Version: 1
    Thanks. F1 2013 is almost perfect with all these great mods.
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