REPSOL Livery for Mazda 787B

REPSOL Livery for Mazda 787B 2014-12-27

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Here's my first skin for the wonderful 787B made by P.Sander, theme for the livery inspired by the REPSOL Porsche 962 -

Tried to Japanify the livery a bit by using relevant sponsors instead of the all European cast on the Porsche, turned out not so bad hopefully. :p
Added a bit of carbon fiber to the rear wing, rear view mirrors and to the underbody, kept the amount of carbon parts to a minimum so that the livery would stay tasteful and classy. :D

(I will update the skin in the future once I make a good enough suit for the driver, I seem to mess them up everytime so still in the trial and error phase to get the best results)

Here are a few screenshots of the skin in action -

1. Download the package and you will get a REPSOL.rar file
2. Unzip it using WinRAR, WinZip, 7-Zip or such program and you will get a folder by the name of "REPSOL"
3. Take that folder and place it in your "SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\mazda_787b\skins" folder or where ever your 787B skins folder is located.
4. Enjoy

Hope you guys like the skin. ^-^
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Yeh !!!
u deserve 10 starts for this
Really nice skin, Thx ;)
I love it, I hope you will like mine too ;-)
I had the same idea for a Repsol skin, but you beat me to it :-) And it turned out I couldn't have done a better job.
Top draw !
Amazing great job, thanks !
Great job !!!