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MSO Special Paints pack for McLaren 570S

MSO Special Paints pack for McLaren 570S 2017-05-23

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4 cool McLaren Special Operations skins for the 570S.

Delta Red - Hard orange that goes to dull red in dark weather. White alcantara seats and diamond cut rims.

Genesis Blue - Oily Green with a blue undertone. Tan leather interior and Polished silver rims.

Napier Green - Matte fluorescent hi-vis green which turns hi-vis yellow under bright light. Black and green interior and matte pinstripe rims.

Lantana Purple - Vibrant purple that turns to deep blue in shadows. Lime green contrast calipers and accessories, diamond cut rims.

Installation instructions -

- Download the archive, you'll get a "skins.7z" thingy
- Unpack the content into your "SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\ks_mclaren_570s\skins" folder

Latest reviews

Superb color :)
For people who would download this pack remove the EXT_skin_map on the mso_delta_red and mso_lantana_purple skin so that they appear. I had to do this to make it work.
Great colour variations! Thanks!
very good
These are great, love the purple one. Really nice colors. Thanks :) Any chance you'll do some p1's as well? :d
Yup, I was just planning on making the MSO stuff for the P1 and the P1 gtr. There's so more real world MSO P1's out there that I could copy since it is quite easy to find them online. :D
Very cool sfuff. Thanks
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