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Reloaded STW pack 1 1.1

Super Touring Cars

  1. Markano97
    This is the first of two reloaded STW packs.This pack includes the 1998 and 1999 seasons.The second pack will include the 1996-1997 seasons.
    For the 98 season:The alfa romeos and bmws are baikas original skins as well as some driver suits helmets etc.
    The irmscher opel is done by simspeed_racing
    The rest of the skins were done by SpeedDemon79
    All skins have been converted back to Race 07 by me
    For the 99 season:The alfas,bmws and honda gen6 cars are baikas original skins
    The audis and the gen5 accord have been converted by me
    The opels are from simspeed_racing

    Both menu buttons come from the original STW 3.5
    The talent files come from the original mod

    Also credit goes to AndreasFSC for his supertouring mod

    Race_Steam 2015-07-24 18-10-39-52.jpg Race_Steam 2015-07-24 18-15-18-36.jpg Race_Steam 2015-07-24 18-15-42-46.jpg Race_Steam 2015-07-24 18-15-48-27.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Mattia21
    Version: 1.1
    does it require any mod? because when i see them in the menu they don't appear! :( (I have AL super touring seasons installed)
    1. Markano97
      Author's Response
      It needs the Supertouring mod 1.6 or 1.7 i think. My suggestion however is to move on to the GTR2 supertouring mod where you can find all the seasons aswell as a plethora of other championships.
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