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RAY Hedelmäpeli -Slot machine TEXTURE

RAY Hedelmäpeli -Slot machine TEXTURE 0.6

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Hedelmäpeli is original finnish slot machine game.

-Open Unity Assets Explorer
-Press "Open assets-file", Choose Shaderassets3.assets
-Find from there every TEX files same named that you have downloaded
-Right click, and choose "Extract this file" It will make new folder on your desktop. (Or where you have chosen it)
-Drag new texture in that new folder and replace.
-Right click again the files in Unity Assets Explorer and press "Import this file from DDS"
-After that press "Save as Assets-file" and choose Shaderassets3.assets.
There you go, Now you just can go in the game and start playing with your new AMAZING texture! :)

If you are going to do a video about this texture, Please mention my youtube channel in the description! (Möyhy) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBYIH_U3i-DkjChgT5qvEpA

If you like the texture, Please leave rating, And if you have some problems with it, Please leave comment, and ill try to fix it soon as i can!

Have a nice day!
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