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Putnam Park: rain, seasons, water, lights and grass

Putnam Park: rain, seasons, water, lights and grass 1.0

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Custom Shader Patch config for the track Putnam Park. You now have winter, autumn, lights and rain.

You can install it by enabling it as a mod or by unzipping inside your assetto corsa installation.

Some more information about this:

  • without Content Manager and CSP, this won't work
  • for seasons, you must set the date of the season you want in Content Manager (it's not a skin). For example, set the date in january or february to have winter.
  • rain: rainfx must be enabled in CSP config. you must have the patreon version of CSP, it's not public for the moment
  • lights: they will be visible during the night
  • grass: grassfx must be enabled in CSP config.

Help / feedback welcome. Pull requests here: https://github.com/tmeedend/acc-extension-config/tree/putnam_park

The author of the track is welcome to include it to the track archive, or even to contact me to remove / correct things.

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