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PPIR - Pikes Peak international raceway

PPIR - Pikes Peak international raceway 1.21

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This is my scatch-built-version of the PPIR.

acs 2016-02-26 12-24-44-97.jpg

Thx to:
BioForce for Raceleader-Building, Garage and lowpoly-Cars
Rainmaker for AI-Line and Camera
schwarzbierbude.de for Support


Latest updates

  1. some fixes

    fixed some meshbugs and changed some textures and shaders
  2. reworked Oval

    v1.2 - reworked Oval-Shaders & Mesh - AI-Line by Rainmaker - Camera by Rainmaker
  3. new Curbs & Ground-Shader

    new Curbs

Latest reviews

Great track for oval racing, but unfortunately time has caught up with this mod visually as the lighting is way too saturated in clear daylight with the current version of AC, on top of CSP and Sol.
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we need more of hose ovals !!!
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just no race possible yet , with ai , i dont know if it works multiplayer , but the oval is yeeey fun.
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grazie :)
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I like it. It hasn't been finished yet, but there's finally an oval track avaliable to race URD'S IndyCars. I can't wait till the AI is fully done and race against a full field of IndyCars.
AI is fine now ;)
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Since the last update the AI is ****
Thx for your report.
AI-fastlane reworked in v.67
On my PC, it workes fine.
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Great job on it!
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4.08 star(s) 13 ratings