Egelsbach Raceway 2015-02-22


  1. Cruise83
    Here is my first 3d-project.
    I build a semi-fictive Raceway, based on the Egelsbach-Airport in Germany.

    Egelsbach Raceway by Cruise

    v0.1 Beta Release (26/01/2015)

    - 24 pits
    - 4 cameras addet
    - AI-support
    - track-description
    - track map working
    - some textures finished
    - basic track-design finished
    - first buildings placed
    - first trees placed
    - 3d beton-barrieres build and placed
    - 3d tire-barriers build and placed

    v0.2 Beta

    - hedge gets physics
    - timebug removed
    - wall at pitentry added
    - new previewpicture
    - some new grassmeshes
    - new tribune (with unfinished textur)
    - new lowpoly trees build and placed (not finish)

    v0.3 Beta
    - new pittents added
    - all textures reworked (for much more performance)
    - new kerbs added
    - videowalls added

    v0.4 Beta
    -Added some Signs
    -more Trackwith after "Flaschenhals"
    -Sand and Grass surfaces changed (more realistic then original)
    -working startlights

    v0.5 Beta
    -added Egelsbach-long and Egelsbach-Club
    -some terrainbuilding in the westside

    -all 4 layouts added
    -changed some signs from moveable to static (performance-problems)

    Known Bugs:
    - some building textures are unfinished
    - ground textures unfinished
    - cones not moving
    - collisionproblems with some modcars when move to grass (in work)

    - Andre2405 for inspiration and first support
    - for support and publishing
    - derDumeklemmer for helping to make moveable the cones
    - the members of for tutorials and other helps
    - for many textures

    Please report Bugs @

    Screenshot 2015-02-22 20.25.02.png Screenshot 2015-02-22 20.24.38.png preview.png
    white = Egelsbach-national
    red = Egelsbach-short (short2 with chicane on runway)
    blue = Egelsbach-club
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  1. moritz1998
    Version: 2015-02-22
    Great Track!