Possum Bourne - Smokefree Rally New Zealand 1997

Possum Bourne - Smokefree Rally New Zealand 1997 1.0

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The 10-part New Zealand Series features accurate recreations of classic and modern liveries from the NZ Rally community.
I hope you enjoy driving these on New Zealand's iconic Whaanga Coast Stage!

This is the iconic "Splash" livery of the Subaru Rally Team Australia Impreza used by Possum during the Smokefree Rally New Zealand in 1997.

Due to its popularity within the motorsport community and the success Possum had during his career, the livery is known all over the world and is an icon in New Zealand Rally history.

Converted from my original design from DiRT Rally, this design has been redone to a higher quality, and with a lot of colour fixes.

Rest easy, Possum.

Replaces Livery Slot 2.

UDegani: Thanks for your excellent livery editing guides!
Ryder PSSG Editor & VictorBush NEFS Edit: Thanks for enabling the modding community!
Jack Hintz
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