Porsche 917 Skinpack 2017-01-05

14 skins for the Porsche 917 K of the assetto corsa Porsche pack 3

  1. bdd
    I have adapted 14 of my skins which I'd made about 10 years ago for the for the never released RCL Porsche 917 Mod.
    Please don't expect too much, although the Assetto Corsa 917 K looks and drives and sounds brilliant, the template itself is a little bit tricky at some places.

    Actually I did the skins just for me to have fun, but then I thought to myself, maybe others 917 fans would like to use them as well.
    Have fun!

    If you're are interested in more information about the Porsche 917, please visit the page of my friend Rudi Izdebski:


    Rudi and Harry Maurer update there the 917 chassis registry, which had originally been started by me and which is based on long terms research and a lot of information from the factory, which had been mostly provided by my friend Jürgen Barth.

    Some more information about the 14 skins includes in this package:

    917-004 # 20
    This car was driven in 1970 in Le Mans by Jo Siffert and Brian Redman, but it did not reach the finish line. The paintwork became legendary, because Steve McQueen drives in the film "Le Mans" a Porsche 917 in the identical design. But the car in the film is not 917-004, but 917-022.

    917-007 # 32
    Jürgen Neuhaus from Wuppertal won in 1970 the "Interserie" with this car and with the help of his sponsor "Gesipa". Together with Helmut Kelleners, he also competed in two rounds of the world championship for markes. The livery shows the 917 K from the 1000 km of Spa-Frcorchamps in 1970.

    917-010 # 1
    David Piper still owns this Porsche 917 today. The car has been modified and varnished several times over the years. The skin shows the 917 in tomato red like it was painted in 1970, but the black stripe appears in this year only for the 9 hour race of Kyalami, where the car was driven by Le Mans winner Richard "Dickie" Attwood and the South African driver John Love.

    917-012 (021) # 4
    The origin of this 917 was a mystery for years. Finally, it turned out that David Piper had bought the remains of the 917-021 of the AAW team which had a crash in Le Mans in Le Mans. Piper repaired the damaged frame and built a ready-to-run 917 with spare partswhich he also purchased from the factory.
    In order to facilitate customs and insurance formalities, it was then the usual practice to rebuild damaged racing cars with the help of a spare frame and then exchange the frame numbers so that the repaired emergency vehicle retained its original number. This also happened between 917-012 and 917-021. (See 917-021 (012))
    This car debuted in 1971 at the 9 hours of Kyalami in the red / white paint shown here.

    917-013 (034) # 4
    The original 917-013 served alongside 917-022 and 917-024 as one of three vehicles seen in the "Le Mans" film in Gulf paint. David Piper was heavily injured during the shooting and lost a lower leg, the 917 was completely destroyed. Porsche rebuilt the car with the help of the reserve frame 034, which was renumbered as usual to 013. Derek Bell and Gjis van Lennep won the 1000 km of Paris in 1971 on the Montlhery race track with this car.

    917-018 # 70
    The Spanish privateer Alex Soler-Roig purchased the 917-018 in 1970 from Porsche and thus won the Spanish championship against clearly inferior competitors.

    917-019 # 8
    One of the four vehicles, which was originally used by the team "Porsche Constructions Salzburg" in the World Cup in 1970. Porsches official team J.W.A. Of the British John Wyer did not like this competition, and so the team was dissolved in late 1970. The material was handed over to Hans-Dieter Dechent, who used three 917 K under the name "Martini Racing-Team". Vic Elford and Brian Redman drove 917-019 in this livery during the 6 hour race of Brands Hatch.

    917-020 # 20
    Another 917 of the Martini Racing team. Vic Elford and Gerald Larrousse won with the 917-020 in this Martini decor the famous 12 hours of Sebring.

    917-021 (012) # 12
    The Finnish industrialist Antti Aarnio-Wihuri purchased 917-021 for his racing team AAW. During the 24 Hours of Le Mans the 917 with David Piper at the wheel crashed so heavily, that the car must had been rebuilt in the customer repair of Zuffenhausen with the help of a reserve chassis (see also 917-021 (021).
    The repaired car was painted before the Interserie race at the Hockenheimring in the eye-catching "hippie" design, in which a Porsche 917 Langheck had taken second place in Le Mans 1970. Dutchman Gjis van Lennep drove the Porsche there.
    After this race, the 917 was lent to the Martini Racing team.

    917-022 # 10
    The first owner of this Porsche 917 K was none other than Steve McQueen, whose production company "Solar Productions" bought the car for the shooting of the film "Le Mans" In 1971 the Swiss team "Auto Usdau" bought the Porsche and put it into the world championship. Porsche factory pilots Willy Kauhsen and Reinhold Joest finished fourth in the 1000 km of Spa-Francanchamps in this colors.

    917-023 # 23
    This 917 K of the Porsche Salzburg team finally achieved what the Porsche 917 had been designed for: the first overall win for Porsche at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Hans Herrmann and Dickie Attwood triumphed from grid position 15 in an epic rain battle. For the 1971 season, 917-023 was hand over to the Martini Racing team. Thats the reason why untill today the Porsche Museum just ownes a replica of the winning vehicle, which was originally built in October 1970 on the basis of 917-001 for the Paris Motor Show.
    The real winner car was, however, presumably renumbered to the 917-020, partly dismantled and finally sold to the American Porsche dealer Vasen Polak for a total of 8,000 DM. Today, this very special 917 K is owned by a well-known collector.

    917-024-2 # 22
    The original 917-024 was already renumbered by Porsche in 1969 as 917-005 and 917-006 for test drives and numbered as 917-002 for the 1000 km race in Spa. Porsche set up a new frame as replacement, which again received the number 024 and which could be equipped as a special feature with the detachable longtail set from the 1969 version of the 917.
    Mike Hailwood and Brian Redman drove the completely white 917 in the league's pre-tests to the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1970. Later, the Belgian journalist Paul Freré was allowed to test the car at the Nürburgring.for his fantastic book "The Race Before the Race"
    Subsequently, Porsche sold this 917 to its pilot Jo Siffert, who in turn awarded him to Steve McQueens Solar Productions for the film "Le Mans".

    917-025 # 9
    Dominique Martin, a motor dealer from Switzerland, bought the last Porsche 917 from the original 25 series for the season 1970. His team "Zitro Racings Cars" raced the car with rather moderate success in the Interserie. The skin shows the 917 K as it appeared at the "Coupes de Salon" race on the Montlhery raceway near Paris.

    917-026 (031) # 23
    Also 917-026 is a vehicle, which was rebuilt after an accident with the help of a spare frame. Mike Hailwood destroyed the original 917-026 at the 24 Hours of Le Mans 1970. Porsche team J.W.A. repaired the 917 with the help of the spare frame 031.
    Jo Siffert and Brian Redman won the 1000 km race of Zeltweg at the Österreichring in October 1970 with the repaired 917-026 (031).


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    6. 917-018-preview.jpg
    7. 917-019-preview.jpg
    8. 917-020-preview.jpg
    9. 917-021-preview.jpg
    10. 917-022-preview.jpg

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