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[PLUGIN] CheatBox 1.1.5

Teleports, needs, money, day of week

  1. 1.1.5

    -TimeScaler now in "TimeScaler & skips" window;
    -New values for TimeScaler (last time I also forgot that in Finland time is different and they do not have odd hours);
    -Added button for skip uncle stages and getting keys for van and truck in "TimeScaler & skips" window;
    -Added button for skip post order wait in "TimeScaler & skips" window;
    -Added button for skip repair work wait in "TimeScaler & skips" window;
    -Now all copies of disc brakes, headlights, wheels and etc will be teleport to...
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  2. 1.1.4

    -Added time scaler: by default in game 1 hour is equal to 10 minutes in real time and you can change this value, of course time scaler does not affect for post order, repair works and etc;
    -Teleporting of cars now reset their rotation;
    -Added teleport of player to kilju guy;
    -Added teleport of player to grandma;
    -Added teleport of player to flatbed;
    -Added teleport of TV remote control to player;
    -Removed stock spark plugs (it removed from game);
    -Fixed position of labels.
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  3. 1.1.3

    Teleports to cars is now in a separate window;
    Changed spawn point of teleport to home;
    Added new items for teleport;
    Added teleport to dance.

    GT Grille located in "Body parts";
    GT rocker cover located in "Engine parts 2";
    GT steering wheel and central console located in ''Interior".
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  4. 1.1.2

    I'm back from the army!
    About update:
    Quick fix for teleport to home.
    I think it is better to change the teleport to home place to front of the entrance door..
    Missing items for teleport will be added later too..
    If any other plugins need a quick fix - please let me know.
  5. 1.1.1

    Added teleport to player of amplifier (in Interior) and wiring mess (in Tools).
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  6. 1.1.0

    Added racing flywheel.
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  7. 1.0.9

    Added new stuff;
    Now you can't teleport concrete wheels(you can teleport four random wheels without offset(steel and rally rims) or with offset(another rims), using the same method as for brake discs).
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  8. 1.0.8

    Update for latest experimental branch;
    Added new things for teleport.
  9. 1.0.7

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  10. 1.0.6

    Now when you open CheatBox interface you will be have cursor without opening game menu;
    Now you can close second windows it you again press on open second window button.
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  11. 1.0.5

    Updated for stress and added new stuff for teleport.
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  12. 1.0.4

    Now when you press "Set full fatigue" button, it enable needs(if it disabled);
    Added groups for "teleport to me"(thanks mads232 for help with creating second window);
    Added leftover stuff, so now you can build Satsuma on island.
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  13. 1.0.3

    Fix teleport spanner set and add some other stuff.
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  14. 1.0.2

    Add other stuff
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  15. 1.0.1

    Added hotkeys for "teleports to" for teleport with items/parts;
    Added teleport suspension parts to player(plugin can teleport only one of non installed disc brake/coil spring/long coil spring/shock absorber/drum brake. If you lost two of this parts - teleport first part, install it on car, teleport second part);
    Added teleport wheels to player;
    Added teleport main bridges to player;
    Added teleport gauges to player.
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