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Pitboard 0.3.2

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Pitboard is all about removing the clutter from your screen, and showing you what you need, when you need it, while trying to be realistic with a touch of eye candy.

There are two modes depending on the session: race or practice/quali:

In quali mode the pitboard will show up each time you pass the start finish line. The board will display your current position in the standings, the name of the driver ahead in the standing and the delta**, as well as your last laptime and delta, and finally the time left in the session.

In race mode the board will display your current position and number of laps left, the car ahead and behind along with their delta, and the delta compared to the previous lap. If you're gaining on the car ahead the delta to the previous lap will be green, and red otherwise; the opposite with the delta with the car behind.

Contrary to most apps (such as my own actracker), pitboard doesn't estimate the delta between cars, but actually splits the track in 10 sectors and measures actual delta time at each sector, this means that the delta shown are not dependent on the track section, and much more similar to what you get in actual racing.

By default the pitboard is displayed in full size for 15 seconds after the start/finish line, after which it scales down to a smaller version for another 30 seconds. This can be changed by clicking the settings icon on the left of the title. You can also set it to use short names instead of full names (e.g.: FAN instead of FANGIO), as well as showing a detailed delta or not during the race). These settings are saved and remembered across session.

You can also customise the board by adding your own name, logo, etc. Simply create a 240x60 pixels PNG file with the name logo_.png (e.g.: logo_0xdeadbee.png) and copy it in the apps\python\pitboard\imgs\ folder.

** caveat: when joining a session in progress Assetto Corsa doesn't provide the best laptimes for each car. Pitboard does its best to get the best laptimes from other cars as they happen, but it works better if you join quali session from the get go.
Mathias André
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Latest updates

  1. Fixes pitboard not working quali

    Fixes pitboard not displaying in quali and displaying during replays
  2. Fixes race problem

    Small release to fix a bug introduced in 0.3, the app should now work correctly during races...
  3. Timed race and surname support

    Add support for timed raced (Thanks to Ch4rL1E on AC forums for the patch!) Add option to only...
  4. Small new features and bugfixes

    Changelog: Title, settings icon and background auto-hide after 10 seconds Title, settings icon...

Latest reviews

Very useful and adds to the immersion. Great job and thank you.
Must-have app as long as Kunos doesn't get around implementing that for AC (why is beyond me, netKar had it). Pitboard together with CrewChief radio is the most immersive way to experience racing in AC IMHO.

Just one thing with this that bugs me, the app/font can't deal with "special" characters, umlauts, etc. and you get lots of '?' in real driver names instead. Maybe this could be looked at in some way.

Otherwise top. =]
Mathias André
Mathias André
Thanks for the feedback! It's a bit tricky to handle special characters as I basically have to include each letter one by one as an image, so at the moment I basically only have the basic ones. I'll try to include some more in the next release.
Brilliant app, how do u change the logo though?
Mathias André
Mathias André
Thanks! To change the logo just edit the logo.png file in apps\python\pitboard\imgs. You can also create a png file with name logo_<name>.png (replacing <name> by your in-game name), that way it won't get overwritten when updating the app.
Must have app - this was always missing from AC.
I wish we could individualize the pit board to simplify it further.
Also it would be great if we could map a button to bring it up and hide it away separately from other apps (always have certain apps open but want the pit board only every other lap).
Nice mate! Thanks for the work.
I have to say, this is a fantastic app. It has given me the ability to dispense with some of the clutter on my screen. The information is simple and clean, just what I needed.

Thank you.
Finally I can feel like a real driver :P You really nailed the design!
Bang! very cool app love it ! gets you that much closer !

Thank you !
6 stars! :-) It works perfectly with this new version 0.3.1. Thank you very much Mathias, you created a spectacular app!
Works fine after the last update. Thanks.
Adds to immersion. Easy to make your personalised sign too.
Nice job !
nice thanks
great idea
This works wonders for the immersion! Good looking, adaptable to your own taste. Really a must-have app! Thanks very much!
Thank you so much ! Great app and it worked with replays !
Love this APP, absolutelly GREAT job
Nice app.
Lovely!!! Thank you!
Excellent, comme en course!
Adds to the immersion, looks the part and easy to customize!
Really nice, works fine and fills a hole!
Brilliant, I had something a bit like this for RF2, but it never was so perfect as your implementation. As a "No HUD/Cockpit only" racer this is essential stuff.
Great idea and a great app. I would like to see a lap counter for practice mode but I understand that space is limited.
Brilliant :)
GPL-tastic! Tasteful design, that is important. Easy to use. All good.

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