Pitboard 0.3.2

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Fixes pitboard not displaying in quali and displaying during replays
Small release to fix a bug introduced in 0.3, the app should now work correctly during races. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  • Add support for timed raced (Thanks to Ch4rL1E on AC forums for the patch!)
  • Add option to only display surnames (e.g. Prost instead of Alain Prost, also works when combined with short names: PRO instead of ALA)
  • Hide pitboard in replay mode
  • Fix rounding "display error" in some corner cases
  • Fix potential problems with ctypes permissions
  • Title, settings icon and background auto-hide after 10 seconds
  • Title, settings icon and background appear when the app is moved or activated
  • Added setting to change the board scale in game (both full and small scale)
  • Added setting to change the opacity of the board in game
  • Added setting to change the orientation of the board, this changes the direction in which the board scales down so it looks good regardless of where it is on screen
  • Fixed 32 bit (the wrong DLL was provided with 0.1)
  • Added option to create custom board: simply create a PNG file in the imgs folder with name: board_<username>.png similar to the logo_<username>.png
  • Cleaned up board inner borders and opacity
  • Fixed missing letter with long names