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Paul Ricard

Paul Ricard v0.9.7

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Love it. Thank you.
This is the track I always pick, regardless of the car. I stare at the track selection screen in content manager, deliberating for minutes, and end up selecting this one. WTCC layout for quick precise laps, BP layout for high speed, 24h layout for f1, looks amazing in screenshots. I love it. Thank you.

Does the Practice layout have more grip?
Very good racetrack, a pleasure to drive on !
Thank you!
Good work :)
Actually pretty good man!
Can't believe it's taken me this long to discover this track. When I'd see in F1 it always looked boring. But the WTCC configuration with the MX5 Club is anything but boring! It's a very well done mod. Nice scenary. Curbs and apex markers are perfect. AI needs to mount the curbs for the first five corners when they are driving a car that can take it (i.e. MX5 Club). They are very slow in that section currently. Thanks for the great track!
Nice job thank you :)
Thank you so much for that !
A must-have track, absolutely great!
Amazing! Great detail and looks unbelievable...
Do you thing is possible to add the signalisation drs for F1 Please
Really thank you for your wok is very great !!
Please update to the latest version of the track (t1 and t5) other than that she's good
thank you!!!
One of the best track for AC!
very real, good job, thanks.
gran trabajo!
great and much better compared with the official track released today in ACC, damn the track look ugly and make me sick with all the colors blurry and pixel even with AA in epic, yours instead in a "old ac engine" look great all those lines look fine and not intrusive, keep update until realease v3.6 something, cheers
AI is not working proper. Crashes at the first corner with Porsche RS, 458.... the rest is great!
thank you.
Amazing modelling, but a heavy fps eater with IA (That don't race that fine). Never tested online (maybe it's the way it's made to be). I had an i5 4460, a GTX950 and 8GB RAM DDR3. Just good to time trial. I'll give a 5 star rating if optimized for fps and IA is fixed.
AI is crashing right in the first corner with WTCC layout! not working :(