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Paul Ricard

Paul Ricard v0.9.7

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New in v0.9.7:
- CPU optimisation: AI reduce of 50% CPU ocupation.
- GPU optimisation: reduce of 3 or 4 % GPU ocupation.
- New AI for all Layout, better work.
- Kerbs texture update: more realitic.
- New Sun Positon.
- New Weather and PPeffect.
- Night weather mode on test.
- Wall added for multiplayer regulation on BlancPain and 24H Layout.
- Rename "Club, Training" by "Club, Practice".





New in v0.9.6:

-New textures, 4K resolution for Kerbs, track and strip.
-36 Pit Box.
-New Penailty zone like FIA regulation.
-Camera for WTCC Layout fixed. (Albert McSaltens)
-Camera start fixed. (Albert McSaltens)
-High wireframe 3D resolution for track for more detail in steering wheel.
-New Training mode added for Tourism layout. You can to learn the fast line thank to pots orange and blue added.
-Ballooning added for the tourism and training Layout.
-New weather file and ppEffects file. (the mirror does not match since AC v1.4).
New in v0.9.5:
-New grass detail.
-More people.
-light of track added.
-New Ai fastline.
-Some new texture for enviroment.
-Service car added.
-Yellow pots collidable added.
-Some optimisations CPU.
-WTCC Layout added.
New in v0.9.1:

-Two Layouts (Tourism, GT, 24H) & (Prototype)
-Shaders and texture balance based on Spa-Francorchamps (tree, kerbs, strips…)
-New penality zones. (multiplayers)
-All building added.
-Crowd added.
-Yellow pots collidable removed.
-Audi R8 static Safety car added.
-Track agent added.
-3D Grass.
-Flags animation.
-Trees animation.
-Gumball display bug, fixed. (rubber parts)
New in v0.8.3:

-Shaders and texture balance (tree, kerbs, strips...)
-White lines added.
-300 Waterjet plate added on the short part of track.
New in release v0.8.2:

-New tree texture.

-Grass texture updated.

-3D grass added on the top part of track.

-3D gumball added everywhere.

-New cameras file from “Albert McSaltens”.

-The white lines as an oject.

-The yellow pots are colidable.