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Opel Corsa skin pack 1.0

Opel Corsa skin pack Rfactor2

  1. Ian Franssen
    We made a skinpack with different kinds of skin for the Opel Corsa
    (see resources for Opel Corsa mod) for the people who doesn't have an own skin or just like the designs. These are quickly made, there might be an update for them in the future.

    The classic RD skin is made by Xavier, Stefan made the Japanese inspired skin and a fictional one from me in different colour combinations.

    How to install/use:
    Go into Rfactor2 and select the Opel Corsa mod, press tuning to get it in the showroom. On the screen you have an option "create dir", press it.
    It now made the following directory:
    My documents (this depends on where you installed it)/rfactor2/userdata/player/settings/Corsacup 2010/Corsa_1

    After unpacking the .rar file of the skins, you can copy the content and place it in the freshly made directory.

    Start up your game, select the Opel Corsa mod, and select the skin to your licking, by using the arrows next to variants.


    1. GRAB_002.JPG
    2. GRAB_005.JPG
    3. GRAB_010.JPG
    4. GRAB_015.JPG
    5. GRAB_022 (2).JPG
    6. GRAB_022.JPG
    7. GRAB_027.JPG
    8. GRAB_032.JPG
    9. GRAB_037.JPG
    10. GRAB_042.JPG
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