(Oh So) Real Onboard Cams by shnala

(Oh So) Real Onboard Cams by shnala 1.3

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(oh so) REAL onboard cams by shnala
version v.1.3

(oh so) REAL onboard cams by shnala.jpg


pit with any cam (check in options/difficulty - pit cameras MUST BE OFF)
And look how back facing T-cam looks now:

T-cams (named "pod")


Cockpit cams (named "head-cam")

Bonnet cams (named "bonnet")
It become something much better now. On this Lotus example it's the left one on bottom row.


Bumper cams (named "bumper")
Some small adjusments.
Only for McLaren:
Chase close cam (named "chase_close")
For some reason McLaren "chase close cam" was not so "close" like ALL other cams, so I copied distance from other team, and now it look same as all the others.


Proof that (first) cockpit cam is in the right place! ;)


Since I really love to drive with T-cam (yeah, I know that's not how real drivers drive but, eh, this is not real car after all) my main focus was on them. I found great (french) site with great on board footages. They review basically whole race trough T-cams! Here's the link:
http://www.canalplus.fr/pid3330-c-recherche.html?rechercherSite=on board&categorie=1

Unzip into your F1 2014 folder - "cars" folder goes into your F1 2014 folder. You have to be asked to overwrite existing files, then you'll know you did it right. Don't worry about backup, I've already done that for you - each team folder has two files, one "cameras" which will replace your cam file and the other "cameras___ORIG", which is a backup.

You also got 2 folders where you can see all the shots I taken from live recordings plus these shots I attach here and also some that can't fit into this post plus! many new, team by team presentation, from new version 1.3. I know you're gonna love this detailed comparison! :geek:

Don't steal my (hard;)) work, if you want this mod to be a part of some your own project - ask me please for my permission.
Don't make money out of this one (leave that to Cody guys:D) this is and should always be FREE.
Thanks to Codemasters to this fine series, Ryder for his BXML Convertor and this great, great, community! Proud to be a part of it.
Sorry for my English, I've learned Russian as a foreign language. :D
I bet you didn't read it all but hey... I have to try. :)
OK boys and girls... that's it for now...
Have fun. In your life and with this fun game.


Latest updates

  1. TWO versions of cockpit cams now + Marussia special! :) +, of course, many more...

    v.1.3: Two main differences: Now you got TWO version cockpit cams! (check...

    v.1.2: And now, finaly, YOU CAN PIT WITH ANY OF THESE ON BOARD CAMERAS! :) I figured that out by...
  3. ALL (on board) cam are STATIC now! Also, four (4) completelly new cameras. And many more...

    From readme file: Well, if you liked 1.0 you'll absolutelly adore this one! And that's the...

Latest reviews

Perfect , f1 2015?
Nein, mein Freund, ich habe keine F1 2015
Entschuldigung =(
thnx for the one of the hard job..
perfect i can't play 2015 above so i love ur work!
perfect, and u can see the passion of the maker, love it
Thanks man.
Yeah, there was some true passion beyond this project, well spotted. =)
But it seems like it was a 60 years ago now. =/
Thanks dude, a big hi from Chile
Thanks !
hi back to Chile ! ;)
Easter Islands here I come ! =)
hey Shnala I remember you from racesimulations.com :D
Oh yeah... Racedepartment.com.
Good old times mate, good old times. :-)
Time flies when you having fun I guess.
And we're getting old. :-/
Very, very good mate! Thank you :D
I've got a question:
Can you create a camera view for racesims? So a view without the steeringwheel, but with the nose in front and perhaps even the mirrors as well?
This because i've got a gaming steeringwheel with second-screen dashboard.

Thanx in advance!
It IS possible but to tell you the truth... I stop working on this mod since I almost never play this game now, it have it's great sides but F1 2015 has a much better FF for me. Or maybe for my wheel.
If you really want this really hard, maybe you can do it for yourself, it's not that hard. You can do it in Notepad, just have to realise which camera is which.
I will help you with any advice you need.
Thanks for this awesome Mod, shnala.
One of the most accurate and realistic onboard camera Mods I've ever seen.
Your Mod raises the gaming experience close to the real.
Really great work! :)
Well what can I say say my on-board friend... :D
Thank you. It mean when it comes from someone who... understands. ;) Understands the amount of work for these kind of mods.
Keep up with your.
Awesome man! Thank u so much!
Thank you for your trust, downloading this mod and come back here to rate it.
I'm just glad I personally did something such important for the community.
excellent work thank you very much !!!
Thanks. ;)
Good luck with your modding, I give you the link via PM.
Too many unplayable cameras, the only one playable is the original.
Wow. What a conclusion !
Somebody give this man a cigar !!!
Am I guilty that I made some 5-6 more NEW cameras ?
Am I guilty that they are not "driveable" - FOR YOU ?
So what ?
They are, perhaps, perfectly driveable for some other. Beside, they can be used for replay, you don't have to drive with them. Just an idea. :P
And, you "reward" my multi-hours job of making them and moving on their correct positions by giving me one star ?
Here, next time (for F1 2015) YOU make cameras for us, I'm sure you will done much better job ! ;)
Btw, what's "original camera" I was wondering... you're funny you know... I change ALL cameras so much that I freely can say that there's no such thing as "original camera" anymore.
I own them all. But you wouldn't understand that...
Thank you.
In races, the camera isn't focused the car - it just floats in mid-air and stays there. I just watch the car that I am driving go past when the race starts and the camera just stays watching the start line. Can not remove this mod for some reason, even after uninstalling then re-installing the whole game. Thanks to this, my F1 2014 game is permanently broken.
Well, from the, let me quote it -
"Total Downloads: 7,116" (on this day, 29.5.2015)
- you're the only one who reported this problem. :-S
I mean... I'm sorry that your game is "broken" but I sencerely doubt it got anything with this mod. Or you didn't install it corectlly. If you got anything to say or to ask I'm here, there's "discuss this mod" section but, please, keep it civilised.
shnala, can you move the cockpit cam in my safety car mod backwards a litle bit, and if possible, can you stop the T-cams from shaking? Great mod of yours xD and thanks for any help!
Very nice one! Can I somehow add you on skype? Maybe you can do a Mod 4 me ;) Would be very nice :)
This mod is excellent! Well done. Perfect
Thank you for your vote. ;)
congratulations, is a have work to find reias positions in onboards, is tedious and laborious, only even having a lot of patience same, only those who make mods that know, congratulations for the hard work mate!
well... compliment coming from you - have some extra weight, let me say this way. :) You're one of my favorite modder and it means a lot to me that you like this. Yes, you do this stuf and you know that this is really time consuming, edit, test, edit, test and then, when you finish - next camera comes. :P And then only repeat it for another 10 times. For all the teams. XD
Thank you vlasovas, once again. And if you have some advices or cam requests... feel free to tell me.
Simply superb.
One simply "thank you" for this superb comment. :)
beautiful pack !
Thank you. Look for v.1.4 sometime soon...

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