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BAAN skin for Arnd Meier car (CART Extreme) by shnala 1.1

alternate skin for Lola / Davis / Arnd Meier car. driven in first half of the season

  1. gamer19
    BAAN skin for Arnd Meier car (CART Extreme mod) by shnala

    Hi there.
    It's me again. :)
    My first skin for this wonderful mod. I have made skin for Lola/Davis (Arnd Meier car).
    He drove first half of '98 season with this (BAAN) skin and the other in that that comes with the mod - Hasseroder.

    1998 Brutta botta per Max con Arnd Meier.jpg

    What have I changed?
    Replaced Hasseroder logos with BAAN (I leave them where they should stay) on main livery skin and on wings skin, also darkened his #77 on main livery cause it seems to me that's more realistic. I have not touch helmet or suit.
    MY SKIN:
    GSC 2015-04-13 14-59-21-03.jpg
    GSC 2015-04-13 14-59-16-95.jpg
    Well now... I'm not sure how could I make it appear in game except to fully replace default skin (I know how it's done in rFactor but dunno is it the same here, can't really test it, I'm at work), so to be sure... make a back up of your original "Davis Racing" folder and unzip/put this into "Lola_teams" folder.

    enjoy guys,
    shnala aka gamer19

Recent Reviews

    Version: 1.1
    Thank you very for the update!
    Version: 1.0
    Good skin! It appears white on top of the car (May be just for me). I rename each file with BAAN at the end(ex with veh file "MeierBAAN")and the 2 skins appear in the game.
    1. gamer19
      Author's Response
      Try v.1.1
      It's way better. Skin transpareny issue is solved.
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