Norisring 2009

Norisring 2009 v3.23

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increased pit and start positions to 36 by adding a second row in the pits
track objects behaviour adjusted (race mode/practice mode)

now not only the amount of 2D spectators changes with practice/race mode, also other track objects change.
- CSP extensions now included
- RainFX, Seasons (thank you Mahad for the inspiration)
- small lightning fixes
- new spectators
- new AI
- new CSP occluder wall
I did some update mainly on the car shadow and road mesh issues and some other things.
vao is updated on GitHub and can be downloaded via CM (v453)
  • fixed road mesh, road lines and grove/skid textures (causing car shadow issues)
  • collision walls update
  • some more mesh and LOD fixes
  • new TV cams (Set 1)
have fun!

A quick fix for the loading error with default AC launcher.
Thanks, The Zman for pointing that out and AlleyViper for finding the problem.