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street circuit

  1. GutBomb

    Denver Street Circuit 1.0.1

    This track was built by me in Race Track Builder. The building models and textures come from Sketchup 3dWarehouse and were made by user camelot. Some of these buildings weren't actually there in 1990, so it's a bit anachronistic in spots, but it's still got the essence of Denver in there...
  2. E

    Sanya E-Prix V1

    Hello everyone, This is the first real life circuit that i have made.I made it with using Bobs Track Builder and 3dsimed. AI line is fine. Multiplayer should be fine. I took lots of objects from other circuits and used some xpacks which other people shared. I dont know how to convert circuit...
  3. E

    Sanya E-Prix V1

    Hello everyone, This is the first real life circuit that i have made.I made it with using Bobs Track Builder and 3dsimed. AI line is fine but they stop in the middle of the road when they entered pitlane. Multiplayer should be fine. I took lots of objects from other circuits and used some...
  4. Tyrone

    Washington DC - Capitol Hill 0.9

    A short track around the streets of capitol hill. Will be a final update soon. AI needs some work still, No replay cameras at the moment. Thanks to all the testers over on GTPlanet for helping me get this far. Report Edit Delete
  5. JackGeeza

    Greentrees Industrial [UK STREET RACING] 0.1

    The Greentrees Industrial Estate (based on a real location) was a street racing hotspot in the 1990s. It's simple, but fast layout was perfect for UK 90s car culture. From small, front wheel drive hatchbacks to high horse power saloons, this street racing circuit has something for every type of...
  6. K

    DRS Zones Added for "valencia" (Valencia Street Circuit) Based on F1 2011 Championship Season 1.0

    This is the version of the circuit that I use seen below (From Assetto Corsa Club): https://assettocorsa.club/mods/tracks/valencia-street-circuit.html The version of the circuit I had (at least) was missing active DRS zones. The default allowed DRS to be used throughout the lap. The zones...
  7. P

    Rieti City Circuit 3.2

    A track based on a street circuit I made (on a real Italian city) With DRS. More updates later. Stay tuned! TRACK INFO: 5145m 24 Turns 3 DRS Zones Max Speed ca. 330/340 km/h (F1) Avg Speed ca. 230 Km/h (F1)
  8. gonzaluigi

    Long Beach Formula E 2020 1.3 2019 Fix

    I'm back! Muahahahahahaha... Ok, this is my race track in Long Beach (USA), hosted Formula E in 2016. This is my 2020 version of this street track in Formula E. Track made in BTB. Most textures are 100% mine. Any textures are made by Lucho or edited by me.
  9. Gunnar333

    Norisring 2009 v3.10

    This track was made by com8 (Alex Hummler) for rFactor in 2011. The Assetto Corsa conversion was done by SandroX. The enhancement of the AC version was made by Rainmaker and now I have optimised it to bring this forgotten track back to the community. Thank you to Com8, SandroX and Rainmaler who...
  10. GT VIRUS

    Aston Field Street Circuit 0.1

    ** This was a poor attempt at an April Fools Joke in 2019 ** Welcome to Aston Fields, a city with a dream! They have decided to take the very best corners from street circuits around the world and have made themselves a circuit. With big dreams of hosting F1, the track has taken inspiration...
  11. richar03

    Circuito Internacional de Vila Real 0.1

    This track was converted from rFactor, the original creator is Mário Morais and you can find the original track [here]. It's not that well converted but it gets the job done, for any more information just contact me and don't forget the [readme.txt] before you ask anything :) Enjoy!
  12. A

    Street circuits, motorsport history that should be kept alive?

    In recent weeks, international motorsport has seen a fare few number of races on street circuits. Some of the tracks being modern such as the Baku GP. Others were timeless classics such as the Monaco Grand Prix, the Grand Prix de Pau and this week is the start of the Isle of Man TT. After what...
  13. Bjorn Klaassen

    Wijchen by PaleoPixels 1.25

    Over the past few months I've created a procedural framework in Houdini in my spare time, with which you can relatively easy create tracks from scratch. It is procedural, which means it could load whatever Openstreetmap data and generate Amsterdam, New York or London. Since it's a procedural...
  14. NegenTienTwaalf

    IndieStreetCircuit 0.9

    About: Hi everyone, after creating the ''SkylarRing'', I already had some ideas for a street circuit, so that's why I've created this track! :) It's a fictional track located in the Netherlands, the track has very narrow corners and only a few run-off areas, so be alert! ;) Features: - Working...
  15. Fat-Alfie

    Thomson Road Grand Prix 1.0

    This is the first track I have completed and released for Assetto Corsa. I found it by accident and then completely fell in love with it. It is a street circuit, half of it a twisty old road through the jungle, and the other half a newer, straighter section. It was used between 1961 and 1973...