NO Wrong Way sign

NO Wrong Way sign 1.1

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Ever want to go the other way? :)
Well, now you can.

Just put into your root AC folder.
No need to worry about original - I've done it for you.

gamer19 aka shnala

Latest updates

  1. Now totally transparent! Final version.

    I must be blind. In first version you still got 4 small bars on the edges. Sorry for...

Latest reviews

Thanks mate! ;)
As someone already wrote, the developers should have made this an option in the first place. Thank you for this helpful mod.
Works just geat! Awesome for maps with traffic
Many thanks. The "No entry" sign was spoiling the effect of two way traffic every time you went to over take.
True blessing for maps with traffic!
Thank you so much for adding something that should be an option to begin with (at least in practice mode)!
Simply fantastic. This should be mandatory in every game, at least in practice mode. Thanks a lot!!
thank you
simple and excelent
I needed this so bad.
Thanks a LOT for your idea.
No more nanny-sim!
Why didn't I think of this!? XD
Thank you for this! I love cruising around in the mountains and this makes it a whole lot better!
Andre Marcos
Simple....but oh so effective. Makes road cruises with traffic way more enjoyable.
This option should be available in every sim..thanks a lot for sharing m8
Thanks. It's a really simple small mod. Enjoy.

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