No Start Light, No Wrong Way, No Intro Videos

No Start Light, No Wrong Way, No Intro Videos 1.1

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(all together now) no start light, no wrong way, no intro videos by shnala
(all together now).jpeg

version 1.1
(pictures added! look at the bottom of this page.)

Like it says... I make start light and wrong way textures transparent so you you won't see them anymore.
Also, you won't have to watch those TWO intro videos. Everytime. Or frantically clicking your controler/keyboard just to get to the main screen.

Stay tuned for updates. There's not much what I can do with this ones but there will be some other textures changing or make them completelly transparent. Depends of my preferences and your requests of course. :)
Those "!#%&#&"# timing in the very middle of the screen say. Hope I or someone else will find a way to screw this one.
I make backup file "b_osd" if you, for some reason want start light and wrong way sign back. BUT! I didn't make backup of the those two videos (for size of this file sake) so if you want to watch intro video ...sometimes, please make a copy somwhere on your pc.

Installation is pretty much straightforward - just put this two folders "frontend" and "video" into your F1 2014 installation folder.

Just to say... before the pics come... I didn't replace one lousy texture with another weird one, like there's one in the mod I downloaded from these pages. My is completelly transparent, so you won't get ANY warning while drive the other way. Feel free to do that. If you feel like it.

Intro video(s)
Well, if you're like me then you feel a little bit annoyed by pressing "start", enter, or button 4 on your controller for about 22 time, just to get to main menu.
So this will help you by get rid a two of them. Now you're left with only 20 others. :D Ok, I exaggerate.
A little bit. But there's really too much of ("press start") them.
Check out time to get to the main menu now. Without pressing any button!

Wrong way sign X
Codemasters (awfull) original. :alien:
F1_2014 2014-10-29 22-10-58-58.jpg

The other mod from racedepartment didn't really solve the problem, just replace one awfull texture with another :confused: ...weird looking. This is actually why I started this mod, I looked at this and thought "what a...".
F1_2014 2014-10-29 22-25-36-01.jpg

And this is what mine does.
F1_2014 2014-10-29 22-14-29-43.jpg

You'll see - nothing. Not any warning for driving the other way. That's the way it should be, right? You think MS has never say "oh crap Rubens, after my last 49328 lap this Fiorano become somehow... boring, let't try something :geek: different!". :D

Starting ligths . . . . .
F1_2014 2014-10-29 22-54-07-04.jpg

and after -
F1_2014 2014-10-29 23-23-17-45.jpg

Notice you still can use trackside start lights. Again, just like real drivers.
No more silly red lights right into your face. Now it's only you and the Charlie. Whiting, that's it. :)


Latest updates

  1. Many other useless flags removed also.

    Many other useless flags removed also. You don't really need them because you have infos (like...

Latest reviews

Wow now my game look realistic!
Finally! Thanks, buddy ... Keep it up! :)
thanks ;)
No probl. ;)
Awesome MOD! Saved me a lot of precious time :D red lights off for those who want it, works great!
Thanks mate. ;)
I'll get rid of some other thing too in the updates.
Like meaningless and annoying flags right into your face.
Pretty cool mod, gets rid of the little things you don't really think about and certainly don't need!
Nicely said! Even I didn't said it better!
Can I quote you it in the "read me" file? :D
Nice!Thank you!
Thanks buddy.
About those cameras... tell me if you want me to modify them for you. It's 10 minutes job for me.
Better one
Thanks mate.
Look it this way:
NOW YOU WILL HAVE 38 TRACKS, instead of 19 in original game. :D
Not to mention those 7 from older games that guy put in. 14, that's it! :D

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