No Flags and Fastest Laps in OSD 1.0

Simple XML comment tag added to lines to not load the FLAGS OSD interface.

  1. Salut Gilles
    Gets rid of the DRS (and any other) flag (although it doesn't alter the Race Engineer's voice, nor the 'flashing-colors' arrows on each side of the steering-wheel LEDs), and disables the FASTEST LAPs the game displays floating up in the middle of the sky/screen.

    1. Backup your original game's OSD folder.
    2. Just unzip this mod and copy the OSD folder you will find in the unzipped mod to your f1 2013 folder.

    Note: A backup copy of the original game file is included in the unzipped Backup folder

    Ideal for cockpit-view cam racing. Enjoy.

    Special thanks to 2012's RD member NoSuey, who's not active at the moment, for his findings last year. This year's file is the same: no fundamental changes, except for XML-commenting-out characters (!-- and --) have been used instead of XML-code lines removal.
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