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No Session-Ending, Pitstop Timer & No Fastest Lap Display 1.0

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V 1.0:

Gets rid of the ugly Wrong Way X and all session-ending + pitstop timer boxes, with or without the starting lights displayed, and offers an optional mod to hide all flags & fastest laps boxes, with their ugly white text strings inside black boxes.
Make backups of original files:

- Steam\steamapps\common\F1 2014\frontend\b_osd.pssg
- Steam\steamapps\common\F1 2014\frontend\d_osd.pssg
- Steam\steamapps\common\F1 2014\Osd\config.xml

Open the MOD folder: Choose between


Both choices of this mod have their "wrong way" textures 100% transparent. Also, the d_osd.pssg file located inside each of this mod's 2 different choices hides the annoying session-ending, and pitstop timing boxes by using the "#mat=wrong_way_ins" texture string pointer (without the quotes) in place of their original ROOTNODE's » NODE(S) » RENDERNODE's » RENDERSTREAMINSTANCE's shader field entries; same goes for the MOD_WITHOUT_STARTING_LIGHTS choice, where the start_lights_root's ROOTNODE's » NODE(S) » RENDERNODE's » RENDERSTREAMINSTANCE's shader fields entries also use that string pointer to get rid of the superflous and annoying BIG STARTING LIGHTS (since all race starts are scripted, WHY?) at the start of all races (note: the FLYING-LAP's countdown-blip red lights are not affected by this mod as they will still be visible).

- For racing fans who already use another OSD mod with the same b_osd.pssg and d_osd.pssg files and want to keep these modded features, I also provided the three small wrong_way texture files so anyone can import them into their actual version of the F1 2014\frontend\b_osd.pssg file. IMPORTANT: To make it work after importing these three small DDS files into b_osd.pssg, it is mandatory to open the corresponding d_osd.pssg file in the PSSG Editor, then find each ROOTNODE's » NODE(S) » RENDERNODE's » RENDERSTREAMINSTANCE's shader field entry of the textures you want to render invisible, and paste the string pointer ("#mat=wrong_way_ins" without the quotes) in those shader field entries, thus replacing the original pointer(s); once finished, you then save your new d_osd.pssg file (ALWAYS MAKE BACKUPS AFTER EACH SUCCESFUL MODIFICATIONS), and leave it in the frontend folder.

= Installation is pretty much straightforward - just put the chosen "frontend" folder into your F1 2014 installation folder. ALSO: To get rid of all flags, fastest laps, and annoying white text strings & black boxes (yuck), copy the "Osd" folder found inside the NO_FLAGS_NO_FASTEST_LAPS_NO_WHITE_TEXT folder into your F1 2014 installation folder.

NOTE: After copying the Osd\config.xml file, if you drive in other views than COCKPIT-CAM view, setting the penalties to other options than REALISTIC may cause issues if penalties are given (penalties displayed in Race Director panel: no other clues) AND watch for flashing white LEDs on the left- and right-side of the steering wheel (there's no way around it: either pit when these white LEDs flash before 3 laps or risk getting disqualified).​

Thanks to Ryder25 and everybody involved into making the amazing PSSG Editor.

Enjoy, and if you don't like transparency options, don't use this mod: no need to rate or complain about it. Thanks.

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Thank you makes focusing on racing much easier
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and let me tell to whole community - here it is guys... F I N A L Y !!!
thank you mate ;) I'm sure it's perfect
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