Niko's Realistic 2016 Database 4.1 - The Finale!

Realistic Database for Kris' 2016 Season mod

  1. Niko_1599

    Niko's 2016 Realistic Database - for Kris 2016 Season Mod

    v4.1 - The Finale! (After Abu Dhabian GP)
    NOTE: Esteban Ocon Add-on available on RaceDepartment!

    Regular changes:

    - Updated Drivers and Teams' virtual performances (simulated/fast-forwarded sessions).
    - Updated Drivers' habilities (non simulated/fast-forwarded sessions).
    - Updated tyre wear levels for each team.
    - Updated "Race Only" GPs grid.
    - Updated stats (podiums and wins) until 2016 Abu Dhabian Grand Prix (official numbers).
    - Updated driver's favourite tracks.​

    - Corrected team-names and driver's names in Language file (Ex: Nico Hulkenberg -> Nico Hülkenberg) (ENGLISH ONLY).
    - Normal tyres (Super Soft, Soft, Medium, Hard), or Softer tyres option (Ultra Soft, Super Soft, Soft, Medium).
    - Updated Teams' tiers and performance.
    - Updated Driver's perfomances and habilities to reflect Real 2016 season performance.
    - Updated fake qualifying hability for more realistic grids in Race Only GPs.
    - Updated stats (podiums and wins) until most recent GP.
    - Updated tyre compounds for each race.
    - Realistic tyre wear levels.
    - Realistic engine performances.
    - New calendars for Career Mode.
    - Realistic team objectives and special races for Career Mode.
    - Corrected team engines and some nationality flags.

    - Ultra soft tyre is bugged (AI pitting at lap 1, not pitting at all, etc). This is not database, but original 2016 Season Mod problem. To avoid this, switch to normal tyre option when racing at Monaco, Canada, Austria, Singapore and Abu Dhabi GPs.

    2016 Season Mod - by Kris (mandatory)
    Esteban Ocon's pic Add-on - by Niko_1599 (optional)
    Clothing in Order 2016 - by chianamik (optional)
    F1 2014 - Realistic Damage Mod - by Cromiell (optional) (x3 recommended)
    Theo Berrekman's Mods (optional)

    1. Unzip using WinRAR, 7zip or any other software.
    2. Copy and replace language folder in F1 2014 directory.
    3. Select between Normal tyre compounds, Medium tyre compounds or Softer tyre compounds.
    4. Copy and replace database folder in F1 2014 directory.
    5. Have fun! Don't forget to leave a review! :)

    - Special thanks to Spooky1611 for his videos and feedbacks that help me to improve. Visit his YouTube channel.


    Driver's + Car Overalls [Driver only overall] (0-100)

    100 - Lewis HAMILTON [100] - Nico ROSBERG [100]
    89 - Daniel RICCIARDO [99]
    88 - Sebastian VETTEL [98]
    79 - Max VERSTAPPEN [88]
    78 - Kimi RÄIKKÖNEN [87]
    75 - Valtteri BOTTAS [97]
    70 - Sergio PÉREZ [85]
    63 - Fernando ALONSO [98]
    62 - Nico HÜLKENBERG [75]
    59 - Carlos SAINZ [77]
    58 - Felipe MASSA [76]
    55 - Daniil KVYAT [72]
    54 - Romain GROSJEAN [77]
    53 - Jenson BUTTON [82]
    42 - Kevin MAGNUSSEN [70]
    35 - Esteban GUTIÉRREZ [50]
    34 - Felipe NASR [57]
    32 - Marcus ERICSSON [54]
    29 - Pascal WEHRLEIN [48]
    28 - Jolyon PALMER [47]
    21 - Esteban OCON [34]

    Wet Weather Overalls (0-100)

    100 - Lewis HAMILTON - Sergio PÉREZ
    97 - Jenson BUTTON
    94 - Carlos SAINZ
    90 - Nico ROSBERG - Daniel RICCIARDO
    89 - Felipe NASR
    87 - Fernando ALONSO
    86 - Nico HÜLKENBERG
    85 - Max VERSTAPPEN
    83 - Esteban GUTIÉRREZ
    82 - Esteban OCON
    77 - Daniil KVYAT
    76 - Sebastian VETTEL
    62 - Felipe MASSA
    61 - Pascal WEHRLEIN - Kimi RÄIKKÖNEN
    58 - Marcus ERICSSON
    49 - Kevin MAGNUSSEN
    48 - Romain GROSJEAN
    44 - Valtteri BOTTAS
    41 - Jolyon PALMER

    Team Overalls (85-100)

    100 - Mercedes AMG Petronas
    99 - Red Bull Racing
    98 - Scuderia Ferrari
    96 - Sahara Force India - Williams Martini Racing
    94 - McLaren Honda - Toro Rosso
    92 - Haas F1 Team
    90 - Renault Sport
    87 - Sauber F1 Team
    85 - Manor Racing MRT

    Team Tire Wear (the higher the worse)

    108 - Red Bull
    103 - Toro Rosso - Manor
    102 - Ferrari
    101 - McLaren
    100 - Force India - Renault
    96 - Williams - Haas
    92 - Mercedes
    87 - Sauber

    20160806150433_1.jpg 20160725211752_1.jpg 20160731221833_1.jpg 20160725212957_1.jpg 20160725211853_1.jpg 20160501163308_1.jpg 20160725215801_1.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Vengeance1415
    Version: 4.1 - The Finale!
    a great mod i recommend it for something new
  2. NeffO76
    Version: 4.0 - After Brazilian GP
    Very nice, can you put nuirburgring and korea into database. This is the best database file for me. AI is acting clever but not to agressive. Very goood on wheel to wheel fights.
    1. Niko_1599
      Author's Response
      Thank You Man! I will try to figure it out how to include them and if I can I will make a special finale edition with those tracks added.
  3. alireza
    Version: 3.6 - After Singapore GP
    Nice job...If you can please make some changes gear ratios like 2015 and 16...It barely reaches 8th gear in long straights...I remember there was a F1 realistic mod that made it exactly like real gear changing...can you please adjust that?
    1. Niko_1599
      Author's Response
      Thank You! I would but don't have a clue how to that :(
  4. acinonyx
    Version: 3.6 - After Singapore GP
    Great mod as always! Very realistic.
    1. Niko_1599
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoy it. It means a lot for me! Sorry for uploading so late :(
  5. Nightfly
    Version: 3.5 - After Italian GP
    Great mod! The general racing is a lot of fun and very competitive (even AI vs AI).

    One odd thing I've noticed is that with krsskos' mod I'm able to put in 1.28's with the Toro Rosso (Medium tire) at Melbourne, but with your mod I can't get into the 1.29's with everything being exactly the same.
    1. Niko_1599
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review! :D

      I think this mod is not responsible for the pace difference compared to krsskos' mod because Database doesn't change (as far as I know) human controlled cars' pace (only changes AI). It's Kris 2016 mod (the mod which my database is based on) the 'responsible' for that pace difference that you tell me.
  6. Thang Nguyen
    Thang Nguyen
    Version: v3.3 - After German GP
    Thank you for your mod but why do I only see in GP mode there are only 19 races, not 21?
    1. Niko_1599
      Author's Response
      Because there is only 19 races on my Mod. I don't see the point to include two extra tracks that are pretty bugged, and even cause Career Mode to bug as well. :( Thanks for the review! :D
  7. Spooky1611
    Version: v2.5 - After Austrian GP
    Love it and the new update! 5 stars! I have one problem though. For me.. The williams are way faster than anyone else. Like.. I livestreamed yesterday and Bottas and Massa where miles ahead of everyone at Silverstone. Bottas won the Hungarian grand prix yesterday. Any idea's?
    1. Niko_1599
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much! I think that Mercedes powered cars are a little bit too OP, specially Williams (on Kris' mod). I'm working on a new system for Drivers habilities. In the current system Massa is stronger than Ricciardo beacause of his 2nd place in 2008 Standings and Ricciardo only 3rd in 2014...but, Massa's result was almost 8 years ago so he has obviously got older and weaker. So, in the new system that I hope to update in the next hours, i'm taking THAT into consideration + 2016 Team-mates comparisions to make it more like real life. That will make the likes of Räikkönen and Massa, maybe Button, be a little bit worse than they currently are on my mod.
  8. ridwan_ds
    Version: v2.2 - After Monaco GP
    Great joob...! but need additional new circuit . .. would you share tool F1 2014 EDE databse to me? thanks .
  9. JGLugoD
    Version: v2.2 - After Monaco GP
    I use ur database and like too much... But one question... Is possible to make a version with day clear in all races in career mode?
  10. Relakirner
    Version: 2.01 - After Spanish GP
    Could you pls add the 2 lefts tracks cause the game did not crash!!!!
    1. Niko_1599
      Author's Response
      Thank You! I will try maybe in the next couple of updates to re-add these tracks.
  11. Theo Berrekeman
    Theo Berrekeman
    Version: 2.01 - After Spanish GP
    Very good job Nico.
    I've edited my mod so that it is also fully compatible with KRIS 2016 Mod. If we can get to persuade krsskos as well, we have 1 universal database for all upgrades.

    Keep up the good job! :D
  12. pokoa
    Version: 2.00 - After Russian GP
    Good! Realistic and exciting balance.
    But McLaren is too much retire.
    And Safety Car Chance is low.
    1. Niko_1599
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review! Unfortunately, Safety Car and McLaren DNFing aren't related to database but to 2016 Season Mod (values in Database are ok, so I don't think I can fix it).
  13. djamel hd
    djamel hd
    Version: 2.00 - After Russian GP
    Well done all wonderful you are better ... but there is a problem there is a simple 19 race 21 is not amended in this please
    1. Niko_1599
      Author's Response
      Thank you! The extra tracks were making the game crash (Korea and India), for me at least. :/
  14. djamel hd
    djamel hd
    Version: 1.0
    where is he alonso .. pascal wehrlein at sauber !!! Two ryo harynto
    very bad databas Sorry man .
    1. Niko_1599
      Author's Response
      I'm sorry about the photos (only photos, names and flags are correct), didn't notice they were wrong. I will fix them. About Alonso I can only say that Kris hasn't update his mod to China, so it's still Vandoorne. :(
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