Nextion Template PORSCHE GT3 ALMS

Nextion Template PORSCHE GT3 ALMS 1.1

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this is my first work with Nextion, in the sense that I have a 3.2 "display and I can't test it in all respects.
If there are any bugs or flaws, don't hesitate to write and fix it if possible. ;)

next1.png next2.png next3.png


Latest updates

  1. String correction

    Sorry but when I drew it I foolishly left out that the names had to be filled in without...
  2. plugin update

    I had a free moment and I proceeded to modify the plugins, good fun racers
  3. Nextion Template PORSCHE GT3 ALMS 1.1

    sorry everybody for my mistake...

Latest reviews

Still has lot of bugs. There are 29 errors and 1 warnings when I complied.
i'm working on, be patient