Murcielago R-SV sound 2017-04-08

Feel the wrath of this crazy GT1

  1. Mach77
    My very first project. For those who have the original, now you have a more accurate sound of the Reiter Murcielago R-SV :D I'm currently working on doing a legal version(not the sounds, but the car itself) along with the older versions: the R-GT 2003-2007 and the 2008-2009(differences from the last one against the first one are the exhaust, sounds and the front bumper)

    You have a preview here:

    If you want to help me buying new simracing stuff, a Monster Energy can or whatever else, you can donate whatever you want here: [​IMG]
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Recent Reviews

  1. The Dank Knight
    The Dank Knight
    Version: 2017-04-08
    This is great! Keep up the good work, bud! Looking forward to the "legal" version. Especially with the MC12 coming for it to race against.
    1. Mach77
      Author's Response
      thanks. I love this car so much that I want to make the 3 different versions of it legally. but atm, I'm a bit out of motivation and datas… I already started to do the physics of the R-GT tho. I also try to do the 3D model
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