1. Thescarfhusky

    The Great Pumpkin 1.0

    Need's Zin5ki's Lotus GT1 to work. A link can't be provided but, help is in the Readme for where to find the car. It's spooky month and I think a spooky month deserves a spooky car! Crawling to the starting line is The Great Pumpkin! The name is inspired by "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie...
  2. vadhil

    Super GT1 Racing 1.2 final for sure

    This mod require this sound pack: This mod featuring the most iconic and legendary GT1 cars ever!!! Car list: -Mercedes CLK GT1 -Porsche 911 GT1 -Mclaren F1 GT1 -Maserati Corsa 12 GT1 Screen Shoot:
  3. S

    ALMS - American Viperacing Dodge Viper GTS-R - RSS Vortex V10 2019-02-06

    Livery ran by American Viperacing during the 2002 season of the ALMS. Preview:
  4. dead end

    RSS GT Ferruccio 55/Ferrari 550 - 2003 FIA GT Championship 1.0

    The last GTR2 / 2003 FIA GT Championship cars (finally!) 2003 FIA GT Championship Ferrari 550 GTS Maranello for the RSS Ferruccio 55 ( Care Racing #21 BMS Scuderia Italia #22 Weith Racing #16 JMB Racing #9 & #10 files go here -...
  5. dead end

    RSS GT Shadow/Saleen - 2003 FIA GT Championship 1.0

    2003 FIA GT Championship Saleen S7-R for the RSS Shadow v8( 2003 Graham Nash Motorsport #7 & #8 files go here - Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\rss_gt_shadow_v8\skins Thanks to @chrisi2174 for his numberplate PSD file. (Also the last 2003...
  6. D

    8020 Custom SimLab GT1 Replica BUILD

    Hi guys, I'm new to this website and I just wanted to share my intended 8020 Cockpit design and find out what you guys think. I designed it as close as I could based on SimLabs GT1. From their website, I compared their P1 to the GT1 and I reckon the GT1 looks to be far more versatile especially...
  7. sardokard

    RSS-Tornado Cusom livery 1.0

    Loving this cars and the Laser skin, i create a custom one with michelin tires and french pilot. I use it but it can perhapos interressed other player ? Thanks to beetesjuice and chrisi2174 for the base skin ! Enjoy
  8. H

    [Request] Nissan GTR GT1 at Nola Motorsports Park

    Looking for a setup for Nissan GTR GT1 at Nola. Thanks.
  9. dead end

    RSS GT Vortex / Viper - 2003 FIA GT Championship 1.2

    2003 FIA GT Championship Chrysler Viper GTS-R skinpack for the RSS Vortex ( Update - Added Larbre Competition & Megadrive 2003 Roos-Optima Racing Team 2003 Force One Racing Festina 2003 Zwaan's Racing 2003 Larbre Competition 2003 Megadrive Trying to get the original...
  10. Z

    Black Toyota GT-One 1.01

    Based on one of the "Black Cars" from Gran Turismo 4 For Virtua Simulazioni's Toyota GT-One mod
  11. James Egan

    Jetalliance Racing Aston Martin DBR9 skins #33 & #36 1.0

    These are Jetalliance Racing skins roughly based on the cars raced in the 2008 FIA GT Championship but are based on no particular version so they're sort of a mix and match. The #33 was driven by former F1 driver, Karl Wendlinger & Ryan Sharp and the #36 was driven by Lukas Lichtner-Hoyer & Alex...
  12. GeForce06

    RSS GT Lanzo V12 All Inkl Muennich Motorsport 2018-03-17

    Here is my RSS GT Lanzo V12 All Inkl Muennich Motorsport Installation: just extract to your Assetto Corsa main folder. Because of the template the skin is not 100% accurate. But nevertheless I hope you will like it.
  13. speedyx56

    #22 Puma Murcielago R-GT GT1 (RSS Lanzo V12) 1.0

    More Font for the numbers by chrisi2174 .psd files Uncompressed textrues Uncompressed screenshots :
  14. S

    2005 Le Mans Aston Martin Racing 2018-02-20

    Aston Martin Racing 2005 Le Mans skins for amazing Aston Martin DBR9 GT By Mike Rudland & Nathan Biddlecombe. include 2005 Le Mans car #58 and #59
  15. S

    Hexis AMR 2010 2018-02-16

    Hexis AMR 2010 skinpack for amazing Aston Martin DBR9 GT By Mike Rudland & Nathan Biddlecombe. include 2010 FIA GT1 car #9 and #10
  16. Punk Potato

    RSS Ferruccio 55 (Ferrari 550) - (FANTASY) #7 #8 Team Pentel Galaxy 1.2

    Pastel coloured fantasy livery that I made for my team to race in ADRL RSS GT1 league.
  17. JJ72

    RSS Vortex GT - #51 Larbre Competition Le Mans 2002 1.0

    Another classic that just has to be done, pretty much an exact replica except a small logo on the hood that I can't identify from the photos.
  18. beetesjuice

    RSS GT - Vortex - Oreca Team #52 Playstation 2 - 2002 Le Mans 1.0

    My attempt - first paint here - at the Oreca Team - Equipe de France FFSA #52 Playstation 2 Viper that ran at the 2002 Le Mans. Should be in order but let me know of anything in the comments. Will post an update over the weekend after I finish up a few other things. Enjoy!
  19. nsss

    RSS GT Ferrucio 55 - Prodrive #65 24h Le Mans '04 v1.0

    Livery for RSS GT Ferrucio 55 Prodrive Racing #65 - 24h Le Mans 2004 2k and 4k :) If you find some mistakes let me know.:) Some preview images have wrong tires, I found that out after taking screenshots. Correct tires can be seen on first image.
  20. Krunky555

    RSS Vortex "Bad Snake" fictional skin Version 1.3

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