MotorSport Manager Balance Mod (Part 1) 1.31d

With Difficulty Customization (1.3 will have these availble at a later date).

  1. TheFlamingRed

    The Flaming Red's

    Motorsport Manager Balance Mod

    With Difficulty Customization.

    Note that this mod is no longer being developed on this site. the current download link is not being updated to current patches nor is any Support being given here. The links above have additional information. ​

Recent Reviews

  1. UglyPsycho
    Version: 1.31d
    Excellent for making the core game more balanced and challenging. Also great compatibility with any other mods one might want to use.
  2. Filippo B
    Filippo B
    Version: 1.31c
    Great realism mod!
  3. NexxusDrako
    Version: 1.3B
    The best balance mod available. Absolutely essential for realistic gameplay!
  4. MustartMatters
    Version: 1.3B
    Awesome. Will this work with Enzolis 2016 mod? And will this work on my macbook? I'm on holiday and its the only laptop i have atm.
  5. raja1234
    Version: 1.3B
    The only MOD that makes MM more realistic and challenging!!!
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