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MotorLand SP 1.0

MotorLand SP Drift

  1. Tiago Lima

    Thanks For All the coments

    MotorLand SP

    Track features:

    • 40 Pits
    • 3d grass
    • Trackmap
    • Physical mesh
    • 3 Camera sets
    Credits Go to the original rfactor creator Antu Dusun

    Thanks For All the coments

    Please do not upload the track anywhere , use the racedepartment link images and video

    Screenshot_bmw_m3_e92_drift_motorland_sp_12-4-116-14-28-3.jpg Screenshot_bmw_m3_e92_drift_motorland_sp_12-4-116-14-27-41.jpg Screenshot_bmw_m3_e92_drift_motorland_sp_12-4-116-14-27-11.jpg Screenshot_bmw_m3_e92_drift_motorland_sp_12-4-116-14-17-14.jpg Screenshot_bmw_m3_e92_drift_motorland_sp_12-4-116-14-16-53.jpg Screenshot_bmw_m3_e92_drift_motorland_sp_12-4-116-14-16-46.jpg Screenshot_bmw_m3_e92_drift_motorland_sp_12-4-116-14-16-38.jpg Screenshot_bmw_m3_e92_drift_motorland_sp_12-4-116-14-16-21.jpg Screenshot_bmw_m3_e92_drift_motorland_sp_12-4-116-14-16-7.jpg Screenshot_bmw_m3_e92_drift_motorland_sp_12-4-116-14-6-4.jpg

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Recent Reviews

  1. Leonardo Ratafiá
    Leonardo Ratafiá
    Version: 1.0
    i was kidding :) i know the drift track in AC is based on that real track
  2. Takumi77122
    Version: 1.0
    Awesome work like Always ,

    for those who say "it s DRIFT track" no , this is the REAL track MSP , Kunos take the same layout and made a "for all" version with large road everywhere . this one is much better :D
  3. Lily Starfox
    Lily Starfox
    Version: 1.0
    I don't get it...
    It's AC drift track but in reverse, right?
    But the graphics are very bad compared to the original drift track from Kunos...
    So what is the point? (-_-')
    1. Tiago Lima
      Author's Response
  4. tom971
    Version: 1.0
    really good ;)
  5. Alex72
    Version: 1.0
    Now thats what i call a drift playground. :) Thanks as Always Tiago.