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Mo'Controls 1.1.2

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Mo'Controls allows the player to have a primary and secondary input for each in-game control, the player could set all primary inputs to the keyboard and all secondary inputs to an Xbox Controller to have a seamless swap of the keyboard to Xbox Controller.
Mo'Controls also allows the player to have different control profiles for when on foot and when in driving mode! So you can get more out of your controller!

#FFB on a xbox controller!
#Mouse simulation on a xbox controller!

Default key to toggle the GUI is Home or hold down the back button on a connected xbox controller. (>0.5sec)


xbox controller ffb and inputview tabpage mocontrols 1.1.2.png

MoControlsFootControlsView.png MoControlsSettingsMouseEmulation.png MoControlsSettingsXboxInputViewer.png

# Added ffb rumble effects on a xbox controller. eg gearChange, longitudeSlip, revLimiter, default
# Added toggleToolMode; Hold down the select/menu button for >0.3seconds on a xbox controller to toggle tool/hand mode.
# Added mouse scroll simulation assigned to the triggers WHEN:
- The player is in hand mode AND holding an item.
- The player is in tool mode.
- Is disabled when not onFoot, (drivingmode, pcmode)
# Added setting for treating the triggers as a shared axis, (xbox360 controllers are shared axis)
# see: for the full changelog: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/mocontrols.22028/updates#resource-update-64856
Major GUI Update
# xbox controller GUI navigation | Bumpers to change menu, triggers to scroll,
# v1.1
# Updated mod to work correctly with modloader v1.1.7
# v1.0.8
# Fixed bug when Handbrake mod v1.4 was not installed.​
# Fixed Thumbstick icons not displaying correctly.​
# Player can now hold the back button on an xbox controller to toggle the GUI for greater than 0.5 seconds.​
# v1.0.7
# Greatly improved performance of the mod.
# Changed how assets are stored/loaded. Now uses *.Unity3d file instead of loose *.png files.
# Changed look of GUI.
# v1.0.6
# Improved overall performance of the mod.
# v1.0.5b
# Quick bug fix. relating to msc loader version checker.
# v1.0.5
# Changed GUI
# Fixed bugs.
# Implemented new control system; Split Controls for when on foot and in driving mode. Set separate controls for the two different modes.
# v1.0.4
# Fixed issues with mouse emulation when an xbox controller is not connected on load.
# Fixed GUI Bugs.
# v1.0.3
# Added ability to use the d-pad to emulate mouse movement.
# v1.0.2
# Reworked GUI.
# Added Mouse Emulation; You can now use your Xbox Controllers' Thumb Sticks to move the players camera/head.
# Added functionality to detect Xbox controller axes input; You can now assign e.g. D-pad-Down to Player-Left simply by pressing it.
# Added Xbox controller support via, Xinput.
# Added Xbox controller icons to display game control Xbox input.
# v1.0.1
# Fixed bug with D-Pad not working as expected!

1.) Extract "Mo'Controls vx.x.x Installation Package.rar" (where "x.x.x" is the version) to a folder.
2.) Copy "Required References\XInputDotNePure.dll" into "Mods\References\".
3.) Copy "Requried References\XInputInterface.dll" into "My
Summer Car\" (Next to mysummercar.exe).
Copy "Mo'Controls.dll" into your mods folders .
5.) Copy the folder, "Assets" into your mods folder.

Note. As of v1.0.8 assets are stored in one *.unity3d file, this will be located in the "Assets" folder of the installation package.
Installation the same for v1.0.8
If you have successfully installed the mod, in the mod console in-game it should display the message, "Mo'Controls Vx.x.x: Loaded"

# none currently, offically.

# Please let me know if you are having issues or you have found a potential bug! Thanks.
# If you like my mod, please review it!
# if you have an issue with the mod please, use the support & feedback thread.
# If you have any suggestions for this mod, or have a mod request please comment/message me!
# NOTE: Mo'Controls is only 64-bit compatible.

Designed for MSC Update (29.05.2020), Mod-loader v1.1.7

moc0.png moc1.png moc2.png moc3.png moc4.png Desktop Screenshot 2018.08.06 - Desktop Screenshot 2018.08.06 - Desktop Screenshot 2018.08.06 -
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  1. Mo Controls v1.1.2. FFB on a Xbox Controller using rumble effects! | tool mode change!

    Mo'Controls v1.1.2 # To toggle tool mode on/off, hold down the select/menu button for 3seconds...
  2. Mo Controls v1.1.1

    +Major GUI update. +Fixed and changed a lot of things. +xbox controller gui navigation. eg...
  3. Mo Controls v1.1 - compatibility patch

    updated mod to work correctly with Modloader version 1.1.7
  4. Fixed issues and bugs!

    # Fixed issue when handbrake mod v1.4 is not installed. # Fixed issue with thumbstick icons...
  5. Greatly increased performance of the mod.

    NOTE: If you are updating from an older version of the mod, please delete the Mo'Controls...

Latest reviews

Whenever i set a combination for on foot movement, my character will always go either backwards and to the left, or forwards and to the right, ive switch between both right and left stick and even directional pad. also, when i go to configure the xbox controller in settings, it closes the menu and throws errors.
New update v1.1.2 out. fixes these issues! settings=>Display and adjust deadzone "PlayerHorz" & "PlayerVertical" from 0.001 to about 0.05. Older controllers will not always sit in the very center so you will need to adjust accordingly.
Absoluetly love this mod, makes My Summer Car so much more enjoyable. Sadly the left and right triggers don't work for me when I bind them to the throttle and brake. Everything else is perfect! Definitely worth downloading It's an essential mod if you dislike using keyboard when playing My Summer Car.
Thanks for the feedback! v1.1.2 is out and should address these issues. What controller are you using? I have added a new setting, "combine trigger axis" to the mod. after you toggle that setting, reassign your triggers to whatever gamecontrols you are using. And are you assigning the brake/throttle in the driving controls section?
its very good but throttle and clutch its not working on LT RT buttons. my buttons work as a pedal
Thanks for the feedback. Could you explain more about the issue you’re encountering in the support and feedback section? Thanks!
I Really like it!
Thanks for the feed back !! :) glad you like it
Cant open the menu with F12 im using mod loader 1.1.7, i tried changing the keybind, that dont work, ive gone into the mod files and tried to assign it manually but i dont know the labels for the buttons on the xbox so i cant do that.
Fixed in v1.1!
really somthing i need you can probebly change the code in the mod file but idont realy know what to call the xbox buttons becuse it dosent show up when you press f12 i even change the keybind but did not work i give 5 star becuse i want it
Update out now!
nothing is appearing when i press f12
Fixed in v1.1!!
I'm having a problem where nothing appears when I press F12, I can move my mouse around but nothing appers
Fixed in v1.1!!!!
The mod is installed but it wont work
Fixed in v1.1
Thanks for this mod it's great. Can you Update it for the modloader 1.0 please?
Love it! Would you mind updating it to 0.47a? It works like a dream but throws up an incompatibility notice on startup.
Thank you for your feedback!
I'm currently working on a new release, keep tuning my dude :)
Exelent mod ,really helpfull
THanks for your feedback!
Amazing work. Just what i needed.
Thanks for your feedback!
Thanks, nicely done.
Thanks for your feedback!

I would like to control the camera using the D-Pad on the game steering wheel (Thrustmaster rgt force feedback, e.g.)

Can you do this? It would be truly wonderful! :)

thx for this
Easy fix, i'll do that now
You can add control of cars with the mouse. Thanks
Can it be possible to steer with the mouse?
Sorry for my english :P
I could certainly add that function!
its good, but Can you put another button for change the steering?
what do you mean, add a third?