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Minimum PP Filter 2018-07-24

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Without Post Processing enabled, brake lights on some cars in Asseto Corsa are barely visible. This shader does not do much except for some tonemapping. All other effects are deactivated in the PP filter. This is enough to make the brake lights visible while not losing many FSP.

This might also be a good PP filter for people using VR while just meeting the minimum requirements for VR.

Extract contents to:

Select the "Minimum" filter in the Post Processing settings.

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For some reason, there's literally no difference in FPS between this and the default PP filter
Thank you for your work, but there is no difference in performance between for example natural-mod filter and this one. FPS are the same.
Very useful, thank you!
thank you! now i can enjoy play AC whitout PP filters but whit the lights of car!!
Great for VR. Thank you very much for this
This PP Filter is absolutely a must have, thanks a lot for sharing it ! ;-)
I am using it since his release with a great satisfaction and I'm sorry for the late rating.
Thank you very much, very appreciated!
Thanks. I wasnt sure how to make my own minimal and you did it!
I did not think that there was such a demand for something like this. Glad this works for you!
question: but should only the first value "general quality" be activated at the minimum and then all the rest to zero or should all be put to the minimum?
I'm using Content Manager to configure my video settings. I'm not sure if it is even necessary but I still set the "Overall quality" to "Minimum", "Glare quality" to "Off" and "Depth of Field" to "Off".

For the rest of the settings, you have to try and find something which fits your system.
Thank you so much. I've been waiting for this. Now I can finally put the other settings to maximum and still have 90 fps. Thanks, mate
Glad it's helping not just me. :)
Awesome ! Thnx a lot.
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