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Melbourne GP 0.01

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Nibiru made a Melbourne GP conversion from GP4.

"I thought I'd share with you guys the track I have so far. As the title states its a beta and there are still a few things I want to fix and add, but I'm hoping to get some feedback/ suggestions from the community so I can improve on it.

This track is based from Frank Alexandre's rF1 Melbourne GP4 but I have changed a lot of the trackside objects, and yes he gave me permission to do this. Thanks Frank

I also want to give a huge thanks to freew67 for all the help he gave me answering my questions through pms and chatting on TS, it was invaluable and I have learnt heaps and without it I most likely wouldn't be releasing the beta now.
As my day job doesnt involve anything to do with modeling this has been a real learning curve for me but fun in the process.

Also thanks to Jim Beam for his idea of the digital flag marshals. I have tried to implement them into this track also and they seem to be working properly. Thank mate

As the original road mesh was 1 poly wide I have made big changes to it so the realroad would work properly and I now keep finding little places were I need to fix the road joining the terrain, but wont effect your driving. I also want to add reflections and get the water looking better."

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Ian Franssen
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