Mclaren - Toro Rosso 2018 Engines 1.0

Gives Mclaren the Renault Engine and Toro Rosso the Honda Engine

  1. Short_Circut

    Pretty simple mod. Changes the Mclaren and Toro Rosso cars so that they have their respective Renault/Honda engines that they will use for the 2018 season. Note this doesn't involve performance changes (Mclaren will still be garbage in the beginning) and none of the language files are changed. Maybe in the future, I might try at some of that but idk time is a big problem :p

    Installation: Copy the 2 folders into your F1 2017 directory

    SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\F1 2017\asset_groups\f1_2017_vehicle_package\teams
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