Mclaren MP4/4 Ayrton Senna skin

Mclaren MP4/4 Ayrton Senna skin Mclaren MP4-4 skin 1.2

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1. move LEONUS_F86T_LIVERY_PLAYER to pCARS> Vehicles > Textures > CustomLiveries
2. run game
3. my garage > select car > open wheel > LEONUS F86T > Custom Livery > Enter
4. Enjoy the skin

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Latest updates

  1. Marlboro texture update

    I switched the Marlboro texture with a more accurate one, looks better!

Latest reviews

Another ripper skin, thanks mate.
Very nice man! What do you think to reproduce the Mp4/2C? It should not be hard, is very similar! I would to make instead lotus 99T! Cheers
Thanks man!! Yeah that would be possible. I was going to make the Lotus 99 but if you're making it i'll leave it up to you oke?