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McLaren Mobil1-Sponsoring 2.0

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Here is the McLaren-Skin with SAP and Mobil Sponsoring.

Constructive Feedback are welcome!!

Install: Extract it into the F1 2014-Cars-Folder!
2014-10-19_00012.jpg 2014-10-19_00013.jpg 2014-10-19_00014.jpg 2014-10-19_00015.jpg

I hope you enjoy it!

Latest updates

  1. Better Mobil1-Logo and bigger Esso-Logo

    Here is the McLaren-Skin with Esso and Mobil1 Sponsoring. Constructive Feedback are welcome...

Latest reviews

The sides should be black.
Adrian Watermann
Adrian Watermann
Hey! I don't have Photoshop to texture the car in 3D, so I dont know where the texturearea for the sidepods are ending
Not to be a negative ninny but is'nt it preferable to actually use the full skin?