Brawn GP 3.0

Brawn GP

  1. Adrian Watermann
    Here is my Brawn-Skin for you. It will replace Mercedes. I tried my best when I skinned the car.

    Feeback is very welcome ;)

    Install: Extract it to the F1 2014 Cars-Folder

    2014-12-23_00006.jpg 2014-12-23_00007.jpg 2014-12-23_00008.jpg 2014-12-23_00009.jpg 2014-12-23_00010.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Dongdong
    Version: 2.0
    1. Adrian Watermann
      Author's Response
      Hey, yeah I think I will do it like this after the Cristmas-Days.
  2. Mattxy1
    Version: 1.0
    a thousand times yes.absolutely love it.the only thing missing is the neon yellow rims.but even if you dont do it its perfect.thank you
    1. Adrian Watermann
      Author's Response
      Thanks! There is an Update with yellow rims
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