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McLaren MCL32 | 3 skins | Formula Hybrid R1

McLaren MCL32

  1. updated to the Melboune version

    Cheers, as the GP of Australia is behind us, I wanted to updated the mod to the latest changes:

    Added "Innovation is GREAT" sticker:
    Screen Shot 03-26-17 at 03.52 PM.PNG
    Changes rearwing: "Chandon" to "McLaren" and added "Chandon" on the fin:
    Screen Shot 03-26-17 at 04.06 PM.PNG
    Vandoornes camera now Yellow in R0 and R1 version:
    Screen Shot 03-26-17 at 04.31 PM 001.PNG
    Outside of the front wing now orange:
    Screen Shot 03-26-17 at 04.31 PM.PNG

    From now on, each updates are names R1, R2... for the Races (Preseason = R0, Melbourne = R1, China = R2...
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  2. tyre update

    Updated the tyres to make them look more real, matte grey instead of shiny black.

    I know that the Pirelli logo isn't bend on the real tyres, but I won't fix that to recognize my tyres on stolen skins. If you want to use my tyres for your skins, please ask me before you do that, as I've seen some using it without permission. Thanks
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  3. Added 2016 suit and helmets

    Added the helmets and suit from 2016, edited Stoffels helmet (just added the 2.
    Thanks to JamieFoppele
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  4. Fixed Pirelli logo - Alonso helmet

    Fixed the Pirelli logo on the tyre (PRELLI - PIRELLI) (Thanx AC76 xD)
    Added Alonsos helmet (2016 season)
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