McLaren MCL32 | 3 skins | Formula Hybrid

McLaren MCL32 | 3 skins | Formula Hybrid R1

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skins of the MCL32, as Vandoorne, Alonso and blank.
Hope you enjoy!
If you want to use my tyre skin, please contact me before doing that! I've seen some using them without my permission.

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Latest updates

  1. updated to the Melboune version

    Cheers, as the GP of Australia is behind us, I wanted to updated the mod to the latest changes...
  2. tyre update

    Updated the tyres to make them look more real, matte grey instead of shiny black. Before...
  3. Added 2016 suit and helmets

    Added the helmets and suit from 2016, edited Stoffels helmet (just added the 2. Thanks to...
  4. Fixed Pirelli logo - Alonso helmet

    Fixed the Pirelli logo on the tyre (PRELLI - PIRELLI) (Thanx AC76 xD) Added Alonsos helmet (2016...

Latest reviews

Excellent Mod.. but i'm new to this game can you help me with the tyre compounds where to put them. i installed the car skin and it's ok but tires i don't know how to install them. thank you
Only four stars because the tires look almost white compared to official rss skins. They've just updated the template. You should have look at it again and update the tire files (and maybe make the black parts matte like they are in real life) Oh and the pirelli logo does not bend in 2017 tires. It's straight. Sooo, yeah. Just spend some time on the tires and make the black parts matte. That's all.
Yea I know that, just wanted to finish the tites fast that evening xD sadly it was not possible to make them matte, just a bit lighter (grey) like they were before. Haven't checked the update yet, thanks!
Massive thanks. Having big fun with the new livery and RaceSimStudio new car.
And the car link download?
very nice
Great skins, thank you!
Thank you.
love it tanx
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