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Mclaren Honda Testing Inspired Skin - RBR Chassis 1.0

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This is my Mclaren Honda Inspired Livery!
I say *INSPIRED* as it is impossible to get it looking proper like in real life and I added some other touches (Santander sponsor for eg)
Using the RB10 Chassis (for good reasons - see video) to make it!
*It is chrome in-game!*


*Issues that mean it is not exactly like real life*:
>Rear Wing Logos duplicate to Front Wing so CNN and Other sponsor are both seen here. Instead of one and one.
>Mobil 1 is mirrored on the engine cover.
>And to work around the RBR Copy & Paste of Infiniti from the Rear Wing to just in front of the drivers cockpit, I've had to put a red blob on the rear wing to fix it.
>And finally full red mirrors just isn't possible.
(Thanks Codemasters for this annoying layout to deny these things! :p)

Latest reviews

Very good but only one problem, the steering wheel isn't in place is too far back. Please fix
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Very good work
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terrific mod, though it isn't the best. WOULD YOU DO IT ON MP4-29 CHASSIC???
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great mod aarav :) (alexzafro)
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Great Job Aarava!!!
Upvote 0
Espetacular, parabéns!
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Looks fantastic! For me it's also worked in co-op Championship, though this may be because a friend is also using a mod for a McLaren skin based on the RB10 chassis. In any case, loving the livery, great job Aarav!
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very good
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5 stars just downloaded it and its so good and Ben stop being jealous
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looks very good :D
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Aarav Amin
File size
21.8 MB
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User rating
4.57 star(s) 14 ratings

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