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RBR Dazzle Camo Skin (2015 Testing Livery) 1.0

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For my 2nd mod release on RD, I thought I would make my version of the Dazzle Camo that Red Bull have ran in Jerez Testing in 2015!

The Dazzle Pattern; used in WW1, used many times in WEC and other car testing periods. Designed to confused the eyes and not allow you to pick out shapes, details or gauge speed.

Hope you enjoy the #CamoBull as RBR have put it on Twitter!

*This is NOT a replica livery, but simply inspired by the real life livery; I tried my best to stick to the real thing with were black fading was done. But things like "Red Bull" on the side chassis aren't possible without mirror error.*
Aarav Amin
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Latest reviews

Thank you for this!! will you ever make a tutorial on your channel on how to make mods for this game?
Please do not change this skin, it is PERFECT!
amazing aarava!!
Sick! Totally using this!
geat job
great mod aarav :) (alexzafro)
Maybe 1 for the Mercedes?
Absolutely amazing with the mirror effect! Never thought this could be done for F1 2014.
Amazing aarava
Looks great but I don't have a Download Button so how can I download it?
Aarav Amin
Aarav Amin
hmmm, check version history.....odd, i see a download button on the top near the title and the side bar when you click overview
Good Job! :)
finally the skin ur amazing dude thank you
Thank you so much! I have been waiting for this mod since it was unveiled!
You Legend mate! Amazing how you are able to do that!
I've been waiting for this // big thx ;)
No words to explain...amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As always awsome.
Love your channel and keep it going
Nice attempt Aarave , really hard with 13 and 14 cars with mirroring issues :)
awesom for 2014 hardest skinable game
of f1
I've been waiting for this since i saw it on the Jerez's test. Thank you so much for sharing! 5/5
absolutely awesome aarava, 5 stars non only for the fantastic job you made creating this mod, but also because you are the only one who was able to make it.