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Skins Mclaren Honda Testing Inspired Skin - RBR Chassis 1.0

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Aarav Amin

Jan 5, 2013
Aarav Amin submitted a new resource:

Mclaren Honda Testing Inspired Skin - RBR Chassis - This is my version of the Mclaren Honda Skin! Using RB10 Chassis.

This is my Mclaren Honda Inspired Livery!
I say "inspired" as it is impossible to get it looking proper like in real life.
Using the RB10 Chassis (for good reasons - see video) to make it!

*Issues that mean it is not exactly like real life*:
>Rear Wing Logos duplicate to Front Wing so CNN and Other sponsor are both seen here. Instead of one and one.
>Mobil 1 is mirrored on the engine cover.
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May 26, 2014
hey bro this is amazing job its really great mod..but i have a question that would make your mod more usefull..we tried all livery mods with my friend we used same mods on co-op..only 1 mod is working on co-op strangely i dont know why but it has rbr chasis too..here is the mod that is working..http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/f1-2015-mclaren-honda.5106/
also we have video too on co-op to show its working..
now my question is your mod is better cuz its almost like real mp4-30 you made great job..and we asking if you can find how to make it works on co-op that would be great..or can you change only paint jobs on the other livery? cuz its totally black..thanks :)
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