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Mclaren Helmet 2019 Carrer Mode

Mclaren Helmet 2019 Carrer Mode 2019-04-13

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Helmet made for the F1 2018 inspired in the 2019 season. Its for the carrer mode for the Mclaren team.

In this download its included:
Mclaren Carrer.dds
Mclaren Carrer S.dds


Use Ego ERP Archiver to import both files.

I hope you like it.
2018 Career Helmet Model 1.jpg
2018 Career Helmet Model.jpg

Latest reviews

Amazing helmet!! Very well done!

I'm working on my custom helmet but I don't know which dds settings to use in Photoshop while saving it as dds file.

Please could you write here these settings?

Thanks in advance!
Could you make this helmet in F1 2019 format?
Amazing helmet mate ! You can put the PSD file of your helmet please it would be nice.
Just perfect 5 starts any day
Fantastic work, thank you!
This helmet was super easy to install and looks really good in game. No blurryness. Helmet is clean. Can't wait to downlaod/install more of your work.
Thanks for the great design, but i have a little problem, imported the Mclaren Carrer.dds to com_06_helmet_d.tga, and Mclaren Carrer S.dds to com_06_helmet_s.tga but I got a very low res/blurry helmet in the game... may I know what part did I do wrong? thanks again
How do you install ??
Nice helmet!!!! Thing is my EGO ERP archiver doesn´t allow me to import textures to the f1 game, so i can only use copy and paste helmet folders( incardriver.erp). Can you make a copy-paste version of this helmet please?? Would really appreciate it. :D
Best Mclaren helmet for this game amazing job thank you
I really appreciate it. I'm glad that you liked it. Soon I will create more helmets for the other teams.
Very good job! Awesome helmet but can you make it with the 2018 sponsors? :D
Maybe i can try to make one! thanks for the idea!
thanks for coming up with a unique helmet. looking forward to what you can make next
Thanks to you for the reply...! im going to try to create helmets for the rest of the team...
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