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Mas du Clos (2 Seasons, 2 Layouts) 2.0

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Circuit Mas du Clos v2.0

Special Note : Make sure to remove any previous version of "LeMasDuClos_2006" from your AMS locations folder before installing Mas du Clos v2.

Please use the support forum for any issues, and be sure to leave a rating / review when you can.


2017 edit :

Hi everyone.

La Mas du Clos in 2 seasons coming for your Christmas :D

Many improvements over the GSC version. I will not list all of them but if you dont know the track you should try it. Non famous doesn't mean bad!!!

Greg just added another version "max details" using shadows with higer resolution.
Many thanks to original creators, Piaoo , TheSky , PhilCout.
Many thanks to Greg for his help on various things, including some 3DS max work and AIW.
Thanks to Denis for loading screens.
Thanks to Luigi for his nice cams.

Let me tell you it is a lot of fun in 911 RSR 74 :roflmao:
Patrick Giranthon
File size
205.2 MB
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 33 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Complete track renovation, Open the short layout

    (LeMasDuClos_AMS_V2.00.7z) MD5 = 9C722532F805F95ABAD63869CCDC2D2A Special Note : Make sure to...
  2. GDB update with real life temperatures

    GDB update with real life temperatures
  3. Armco, roadverge, grass and tires

    Some nice additions. Roadverge was a big pain and is far to be perfect but better to have it...
  4. Single track package of Le Mas du Clos for AMS to syncronize with the MEGA pack v1.2

    This is the same track version as found in the 24 track MEGA pack update v1.2 in a single track...
  5. Single track package of Le Mas du Clos for AMS to syncronize with the MEGA pack v1.1

    This is the same track version as found in the 23 track MEGA pack update v1.1 in a single track...

Latest reviews

my favorite track of the pack. fantastic :D
Thank you very much! This track is very good!
Very nice track. Good job.
great and SO fun track, it should be used for mid powered cars. so much fun ! It only needs more love: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hi6amprtz_0
Soooo great! Thanks for this!
This track is epic.
The amount and quality of the updates to this track is just incredible. There is no rating high enough to signal the appreciation for the tons of hours that are poured into these tracks for the benefit of the rest of us. And this one is especially tricky due to all the AI issues. 10 stars out of 5!
Another fine update Gringo, looks so good and the AI seem to be fine on track, using 24 Caterhams, only 1 seemed to have a pit problem but got going eventually.
Thank you for the update! I just noticed that in the old version the AI was crashing on pit exit. Is this fixed in the new version? This is my favorite track in AMS! i would love to see a nice conversion for rf2 ;)
Patrick Giranthon
Not the best pit lane for AI. I tried a new layout with the pit boxes along the armco. The AI behavior was generally acceptable in testing. I expect some will have trouble depending on the car type and the number of cars used.
masterpiece as usual from these Gentlemen Team! Thank you!!
Thanks for the update ..very much appreciated :)
Great track like allwais.

Separate question: Is there any chance you will bring out the great track of Goodwood Revival?
Patrick Giranthon
Not planned, sorry
Awesome track, thanks
thanks patrick as always your tracks are amazing
As always, great job ! ! ! Thank you very much.
Great mod. Unknown circuit for me. It's short t to learn and very tricky. I love it
Spot On Patrick! Thanking You once again!
Beautiful Track. Thank you very much!!!
Really surprising. Great layout and superb job as always guys!
Thanks Patrick, I know how much time it takes to convert it. Respect.
great work
nice and funny french track, especially with formula trainer
thx Pat and all the team for that work
Alors là , un grand merci Patrick . Le Mas du Clos fait parti de notre patrimoine en France , et là il est juste parfait ! Un régal :)
Where has this track been all my sim racing life. Great fun racing on this track with some good flows and some nice tricky sections. Thanks for all the effort put into this, it's masterful.
Nailed it again!
Made my day :) Thanks Patrick, another great track !