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Mas du Clos (2 Seasons, 2 Layouts) 2.0

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(LeMasDuClos_AMS_V2.00.7z) MD5 = 9C722532F805F95ABAD63869CCDC2D2A

Special Note : Make sure to remove any previous version of "LeMasDuClos_2006" from your AMS locations folder before installing this version.

Hello AMS sim racers,

I am pleased to offer an additional extensive track rebuild.

Circuit Mas du Clos v2.0

Virtually a frame off restoration, I stripped the original mesh down to its nuts and bolts, removing any unnecessary parts, and restored each component with new or refurbished parts. Some track sections have been scratch built to open the short layout, solve some odd physics, and correct geometry issues.

The original track was meant to be set in 2006. I have redone the armcos, tire walls, sand traps and road markings as they were in more modern times so this version of the track is a hybrid with regards to era.

Due to the game engine some nagging issues remain. Alpha sorting problems between the grass blades and the road lines are visible from in cockpit and the track cameras in a few spots. Due to the very short radius corner at "La Piscine" the formation lap can be a problem for some car types on the long layout.

A note on the pit lane... I rebuilt the AI to support 20 teams of 2 cars each. Pit boxes are lined up on the left hand side against the armco. The pit lane follows the yellow line to the right. During practice sessions the AI normally behaves very well, however if you try to race a full field of AI with pit stops then I would expect problems. There is simply not enough space to have a trouble free pit.

What's new...

* Complete track renovation, practically every object new or improved
* Open the short layout
* New AI for both layouts with the latest AMS v1.5+ parameters
* Rebuild armcos and tire walls
* Rebuild track surface to fix some odd physics in a few areas
* Scratch build the intersection for the short layout
* New road noise with a bit more roughness
* Upgraded track shaders
* Corrected specular (alpha channel) for many textures
* New semi accurate track/pitlane markings
* New groove/skids/marbles for both layouts
* Deep clean the grass geometry, reduce excessive poly count, fix strange shadows
* Rebuild sand traps, add any missing traps
* Clean up the geometry on the garage/farms/restaurant buildings and the bridge, rebuild the AO effects, improved window transparency.
* Rebuild the perimeter fencing and walls
* New texture mapping on track, curb, grass, buildings, bridge, walls, etc
* New shadow map and terrain paint
* Updated garage tents with added details
* Adjust light glow and night light effects
* New track loading screens and mini maps
* Many tweaks and improvments that didn't make the change log

Credits to Patrick Giranthon for his great effort to convert Mas du Clos to Reiza standards, first for GSCx, then again for AMS.
Thanks to Piaoo , TheSky , and PhilCout... the original track creators.
Thanks to Luigi for his original track camera's, modified for Mas du Clos v2.

Credits to Reiza for the graphics technology, textures, and objects modified for use in Mas du Clos v2.

Please use the support forum for any issues, and be sure to leave a rating / review when you can.


GDB update with real life temperatures

Some nice additions. Roadverge was a big pain and is far to be perfect but better to have it.
New grass too.
This is the same track version as found in the 24 track MEGA pack update v1.2 in a single track package.

Updated AMS v1.4x AI parameters and tire compound syntax.
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This is the same track version as found in the 23 track MEGA pack update v1.1 in a single track package.

Updated with AMS v1.2x AIW and TDF parameters.
Improved UI track list cascade menu.
Track info details are corrected and up to AMS standard.
Accurate pit lane speed limits.
Support for the F-Truck diesel smoke effects.
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