Manor Racing COTA Update 1.5

Adds new sponsor to Manor

  1. M² Designworks | Maxwellus
    Manor has a new sponsor!
    I can't tell you much, as it's pretty new..
    The new sponsor happens to be DELLEMC.
    Download it if you've heard of the new sponsor.
    Here is a screenshot:
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Recent Reviews

  1. Sebastian Räikönnen
    Sebastian Räikönnen
    Version: 1.5
    from the screens i saw they also got "manor racing" on the sidepots now. Does the Mapping of the car lets you add this to the car or sn it not possible?:/
    1. M² Designworks | Maxwellus
      Author's Response
      From what I've checked, no, i'm sorry
  2. madotter
    Version: 1.0
    Check your messages, I have fixed the mirror issue for you. Great skin :)