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Mallory Park

Mallory Park 1

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Welcome to Mallory Park in the UK. This is based on a real circuit.

This version is whats called the fast layout. I havent added the 3 chicanes that the motorbikes use as I prefer this layout.

I personally like to use the 1970s type touring cars ( seen in the pictures) such as the Ford Escort RS1600 that comes with Assetto Corsa as these cars will drift in 3 of the 4 corners which makes it quite an exciting drive. I have had some great races but need the AI on 100% to keep up as I cant get them to go any faster. ( any help or ideas to make them faster is welcome)

Pit lane entrance is unusually placed on the back straight which can lead to some hairy moments if you are in traffic!

This is my 2nd track again made using Bobs Race Track Builder. Alot of the features here are what the comunity have made available to use in Race Track builder so a big thanks to everyone who's resources I have used.

Now its not perfect, it works fine in race mode but if you do a weekend sometimes it goes wrong, I dont know why so would be happy to hear from anyone if they experience this and can help point me in the right direction to try and put it right.
Graphically I am at my limit of understanding, I have added textures to make it look roughly how it does.

The bluey blob in the middle is supposed to be a lake ( I am colourblind so I cant tell what colour it actually is)

I hope you enjoy it as much as i have racing on it and building it.
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Latest reviews

Great start.
You need to rename the track folder and main kn5 to mallory_park or track times won't be recorded (this might possibly be the issue with race weekend mode).
Thanks, I didnt know that and will give it a try
5 star just because its Mallory. There is one other available for AC but they messed up the gerrards bend with loads of weird dips and bumps.
Its far far the better looks wise, just wish they would fix it.
But great effort and maybe a few tweaks like grass fx etc and changing trees i could get this looking a bit better.
I have looked at the other version, you are right graphically it is very good on that version, welldone to them, I havent got a clue when it comes to building bespoke things and I am sure it looks alot more like the real place than my version does, but still I enjoyed making mine while I have been in lockdown.
Years ago I had a version of Mallory that was on Race 07 or Rfactor, I think mines more like that version... it would have been good for 2007! Thanks for the nice comments :)
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